Road Trip: The Nelson Mandela Tour of South Africa

·Editor at Large

Once in a generation a man like Nelson Mandela comes along. A genuine, true, selfless leader who has vision and the ability to draw people together and build a country, no matter the damage he's dealing with. Born into the harsh apartheid era, Mandela spent his life fighting for the freedom of all people. Incarcerated for 27 years, he emerged a proud, humble man who harbored no resentment, but rather a vision. He would go on to lead the country for four years before retiring with his wife, Graça Michel, to the suburbs of Johannesburg.

South Africa and the world owe a great deal to Mandela, and he is one of the major reasons South Africa is an economic leader on the continent, plus a major tourist attraction. In honor of him, the South Africa Tourism Board recently unveiled a Nelson Mandela Road Trip map so that anyone can rent a car and tour the country to be inspired by this great man.