Rivers set to become 76ers new coach

Doc Rivers is set to be the Philadelphia 76ers next head coach after seven season with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Video Transcript

VINCE GOODWILL: Doc Rivers should have taken a year off. He could have taken a year off after his firing from the LA Clippers. But the Philadelphia 76ers job was too tantalizing to pass up. Maybe Ty Lue winds up going to the Clippers, and he winds up being with Philadelphia, and all is well. But he inherits a team that has some personality conflicts. Isn't that what he kind of just left with the Los Angeles Clippers? Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are very talented players. Superstar talents. But they need coaching. The Philadelphia 76ers need structure. Not dysfunction, the way that things have operated for the past few years. There's a school of thought that Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid should be traded, and they should get whatever they can, and be able to move forward. But Doc Rivers has said to them, hey, I can coach these two guys. And I can help develop this franchise with a level of stability and structure. The type of structure that he gave the Los Angeles Clippers when Donald Sterling and V Stiviano tore the franchise apart in 2013. The back end of that is what did we just see from the LA Clippers? Has Doc Rivers had enough time to process what went wrong with that franchise? And Ben Simmons. Can Doc Rivers coach the best to come from Ben Simmons? If he can't, one of those are going to have to go. The problem is nobody can see Doc Rivers saying no to a challenge.