The Riverdale Women are My Fall Fashion Inspo—Shop These 5 Looks

Morgan Noll
·5 min read

Marc Hom, The CW

There are a lot of things I don't have in common with the women of Riverdale—a serial killer or mafia dad, a maple syrup empire, or an entanglement with murder mysteries, for example. But there is one thing we do share: I love to overdress for any occasion. When I was in high school, I used to show up to class in my favorite new dress with a pair of colored tights and oxfords on, while most everyone around me was wearing jeans and T-shirts (and some would even ask, "Why are you so dressed up?"). This is partially why I love watching these high school teens (who are actually played by 20-somethings, but who cares) strut around in modern-mixed-with-vintage outfits and make major fashion statements.

Since it seems the sun rarely shines in the doomed town of Riverdale, there's plenty of cold-weather fashion inspiration to draw from the show. So, even though I don't have many places to go this fall and winter due to the pandemic, I'm going to let the women of Riverdale inspire my fashion choices. I'm ready to show up to the supermarket (mask on, of course) and go for my daily walk outside in full, TV-drama-worthy looks.

See below for some cold weather-perfect Riverdale outfits and shop items to recreate the looks for yourself.

Betty Cooper's Prep School Party Look

Colin Bentley, The CW

Betty Cooper's signature girl-next-door style typically involves a collared shirt underneath a preppy sweater, but the look she wore to the Stonewall Prep party (you know, the one where she gets framed for murdering her boyfriend) is a great fall outfit recipe. To recreate Betty's prep-school party vibe, pair a classic plaid skirt and neutral turtleneck with a satin bomber jacket and some colored tights for a '60s pop. But of course, don't forget the so-tight-you'll-get-a-headache ponytail to top it all off.

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Veronica Lodge's Retro School Girl Look

Dean Buscher, The CW

Veronica Lodge, like Betty, has a very consistent style—only she's a mafia heiress who shops designer brands and looks like she's always ready to take a very fashionable meeting. In contrast to her blonde bestie's usual pastels, Veronica tends to wear darker and more muted tones, adding in a pop of color from time to time, like this blue knit polo top she wore in Season 2 Episode 22. The exact top is from Marc Jacobs (naturally), but we've found a more affordable dupe and a classic '50s-inspired circle skirt to go with it. Pair the look with a black cape, like the ones Veronica often sports, and you'll be ready to take over an empire—or at least the colder weather.

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Cheryl Blossom's Cherry Bomb Layered Look

Dean Buscher, The CW

The two main staples in Cheryl's wardrobe are anything red and something leather. This outfit is a slight change from her more typical sweater top and mini skirt pairings, but it's an expert example of fun fall layering. To get the look, layer a patterned mesh mock neck top under a leather dress (which will simultaneously keep you warm and make you look like a badass), and, for the cherry bomb on top, add a bright red power lip. Fun fact: Madelaine Petsch told Teen Vogue the exact red lipstick she wears on the show—and you can shop it below.

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Josie McCoy's Feline Pop Star Look

Marc Hom, The CW

Josie McCoy, lead singer of Josie and the Pussycats and aspiring big-time musician, has a unique, rockstar style. This outfit of hers uses trendy pieces to play up the feline elements of her band's identity, and it's a great look to have in your fall wardrobe lineup. For a bit more coverage, swap the cheetah mini skirt for a midi—a fun and versatile piece to have in your closet no matter the occasion. If you're feeling extra playful, or want a cute twist on the standard cat costume, put on a cat ears headband to complete the look.

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Toni Topaz's Southside-Meets-Riverdale-High Look

Dean Buscher, The CW

Toni Topaz has the don't-mess-with-me style locked down, but she still knows how to make it cute and flirty at the same time. This outfit includes her signature clothing item, a leather jacket, as well as her signature print, plaid. Altogether, it's the perfect mix of rebellious teen and school girl style. Just throw in a snake necklace to show some of that Southside Serpant pride.

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The best thing about these Riverdale outfits is that they can double as easy and cute Halloween costumes—you just have to decide which teen drama star you want to be for the night.