'Riverdale' star KJ Apa embraces weird behavior on social media

If you’ve ever seen the show Riverdale, you know the fictional world is more than a little bit weird. KJ Apa, who plays the main character Archie, has been acting a bit strange on social media lately. TikTok user @marinaavalon shared proof of his unusual activity — . a screen recording of an Instagram Live in which he painted his face in a very colorful, clown-like fashion with little explanation. “Is KJ Apa okay?” she asked in the video. Most commenters recognized the fact that he’s probably just joking around. “He’s trying to get kicked off Riverdale,” one user said. “I’m pretty sure he’s happier than all of us,” another joked. It’s likely he’s just having a little fun in quarantine like the rest of us, but some fans were still worried about him