Riverdale Ended With 4 Characters In A Poly Relationship & It’s Actually Satisfying?

Most of us stopped watching Riverdale after the first or second season. But after seven seasons of the teen drama show, we get a glimpse of what we know as the Riverdale finale quad relationship.

The show was stricken with love triangles, breakups, heartaches…and magic? During the last season of the show, the characters, Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Cheryl Blossom, Toni Topaz and the rest travel back in time to the 1950s to save themselves from a comet that will kill them all. For a couple of episodes, they lost their memory and several characters came back into play. However in the last episodes, the gang recollects their memory from their present-day selves and in turn, have their feelings all over the place again.

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Here’s what we know of the Riverdale finale quad relationship.

The Riverdale Quad, Explained

What exactly is the Riverdale Quad? When Angel Jughead explains to Betty what happened in the last year of their senior year of college, he mentions the quad. Basically, as the love triangle dissolved and Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie all express romantic feelings to each other and spend the rest of the senior year in a polyamorous relationship. Betty explained that the couples went on double dates and then they all snuck out to see each other. It was only a matter of time before they all saw each other (we didn’t see anything between Jughead and Archie, but more on that later.

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Though things were hot and steamy between the four of them in high school, none of the couples were endgame before they died. Betty, Veronica, and Jughead never married and were single for the rest of their lives, and Archie ended up dating and marrying someone in California.

Executive producer Sarah Schechter talked to Variety about if the foursome was what they had in mind since the start of Riverdale. “I think anyone who tells you there was always a plan, they’re lying. From the beginning, we had so many conversations about not wanting this to be retro in the wrong ways, and not wanting to be reductive in the wrong way. There’s this core of Archie Comics about family, town, growing up and everything universal, but there was always Archie picking between two girls,” she told the outlet. “I think we made a really conscious effort to step away from that in the pilot, and have maintained that throughout. So I think it was modern and fitting.”

She continued, “Each of these characters have such big lives that they were meant to lead — I do think it was such a brave and interesting choice. Them not ending up together, in a way, is more honest. It also helps you remember that each one of these relationships is equally important in its moment. If anyone ended up with anyone, it would say somehow that it’s more powerful. There’s a maturity to it that I love so much. A person’s life isn’t who they end up with. It’s deeper and more meaningful than that.”

As if why Jughead and Archie didn’t have their own moments within the quad, she said, “I mean, that’s, like, too hot for TV. I don’t think there was a reason for it. I think there’s a fantastic, fantastic amount of LGBTQ representation on the show.”

Schecter told TV Insider about the finale’s impact. It has a lot to say about life and letting go and saying goodbye. I found it really emotional and really, really satisfying. And I think fans will, too. I hope.


In true Riverdale fashion, the quad got split reactions from fans on the Internet. “introducing betty, archie, jughead and veronica to all be in a quad relationship in the finale has got to be the most stupid thing riverdale has ever done,” one fan posted on X the platform formerly known as Twitter. While another fan posted a 180 degree opinion, “riverdale fans hating on the archie/veronica/betty/jughead quad relationship y’all are so boring I’m sorry”

Who dies in Riverdale?

Who dies in Riverdale? Basically, everyone dies in Riverdale. Betty is the last person alive from her high school class. In a dream, Jughead offers to let her re-live whatever day she wants to in Riverdale. She chooses to go back and attend the final day of school and the party that followed, which she’d missed because she’d had the mumps. At the penultimate moments of the show, she died while in the backseat of her granddaughter’s car, while they drove back through Riverdale.

Meanwhile the rest of her old friends, Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Cheryl Blossom, Toni Topaz, Kevin Keller, and Clay Walker all lived pretty fulfilling lives and died of old age.

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