‘Riverdale’ Actress Bernadette Beck Called Out the Show for Portraying Black Characters as ‘Sassy & Mean’

Jenzia Burgos

Television’s reckoning is far from over. On Monday, July 27, Riverdale’s Bernadette Beck slammed the portrayal of Black actors on the hit teen drama, marking yet another blow to The CW show. The 26-year-old actress is not the first to call out Riverdale for its treatment of Black actors and characters in recent weeks. Unfortunately, her latest comments about being “portrayed in a very negative, unattractive light” echo the experience of several castmates, such as Vanessa Morgan, 28, and Asha Bromfield, 24, who have both spoken out about the show’s issues with racism and a lack of diversity.

Like Morgan, who previously called out Riverdale for making her character “nondimensional” and a “sidekick” to white characters, Beck has...

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