Rita Ora's Colorful Mismatched Manicure Is Mesmerizing

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In case you forgot, Rita Ora is the queen of mismatched manicures. Every time we see her, she's not only wearing new nail art, but a new nail design on every single finger. The first time we noticed her status as the maximalist manicure monarch was at the 2023 Met Gala where she wore multi-foot long chains hanging off her nails. Ever since then, she hasn’t taken a break from serving—wearing mismatched French nails and avant-garde tortoise nails this fall.

Her latest manicure followed this trend; however, it was a combination of aesthetics we had never really seen before. On October 26, Ora posted an Instagram carousel showing off her “little visit” to a Primark store in London to see her clothing collaboration with the brand on display. Of course, she also displayed her perfect manicure.

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The pop star’s nails were all short and square-shaped, but that's where the similarities stopped. Some were chrome, some were French, though none of them were as surprising as one design in particular: groovy polka dots. On her right pointer finger and left thumb, there was a polka dot design straight out of That ‘70s Show. With a base coat of dark brown, there were large circular gaps taking up the nail. Inside those clear circles were thin red circles and thick green ones, each taking up their own polka dot. 

Her right thumb and left pointer finger also coordinated. These fingers had a more classic design, similar to a strawberry milk manicure except for its chrome finish—it was an ultra-shiny baby pink shade that was highly reflective. She had a similar effect on another finger, taking the popular blueberry milk shade and adding chrome for a bit of edge.

She also seemed to take inspiration from mermaidcore nail trends on one of her digits. Her pinky had a 3D sculptural effect that looked like suds left on sand after a wave washed away. They were white, bubbly, and pearlescent and somehow went with all the vastly different vibes on her hand.

<p><a href="https://www.instagram.com/ritaora/?g=5" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="1">@ritaora</a>/instagram</p>


The last of the designs we could make out was a 3D fiery chrome tip—similar to Selena Gomez’s “fire chrome” mani, however, with a French tip. The base of this nail was a nude shade, then the red tip flickered up to the nail bed before taking over the tip and raising off the finger a little. 

Obviously, it would pose a bit of a challenge to completely recreate this nail look from scratch, especially considering all the chrome powders and 3D accents. However, for a similar look, grab a couple of artsy press-on nail kits and take a nail or two from each to combine into your own mismatched moment.

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