RIP, Feud: Jeffree Star and NikkieTutorisls Seem to Be Mending Their Friendship

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Seventeen

There was a time in which NikkieTutorials was number one on Jeffree Star's long list of friends-turned-enemies (for that full list, click here). But in 2020, the year of our Lord, the two beauty vloggers have officially – *finally* – ended their reported feud and are out here fully supporting one another.

Today, Jeffree released his new Bloodlust eyeshadow palette (velvet packaging, neons, hints of holo, etc.) and Nikkie did a review of her own. Spoiler alert: she loved it. She blended those pigments to the gods and gave the new drop her seal of approval.

Of course, Jeffree was pumped about the review and tweeted out Nikkie's video with some words of support.

"Wowwww these two eye looks are insane and so beautiful!!," Jeffree wrote on Twitter. "Watch Nikkie’s review of #BloodLust."

It's been three years since the pair filmed a video together (due to a feud between them), but in the past year, Nikkie has done six reviews of Jeffree Star Cosmetics products. Jeffree Star even sent words of encouragement after Nikkie came out as a transgender woman last month.

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