8 Rio Olympians Reveal Their Best Beauty Secrets

Beach waves, blowouts, bronze skin, and Bündchens — there’s a good reason Brazil is considered the ultimate beauty destination. Stunning cariocas (Rio de Janeiro locals) have got this fab formula down. Taking notes and bringing their own beauty routine to the mix are this year’s crop of Olympians who, in this age of social media and high-definition TV, are doing what they can to look their best while — and after — doing their best on the world’s biggest sports stage.

Yahoo Beauty caught up with eight American athletes — some gold medalists and other podium contenders — while in Rio for the final week of the 2016 Summer Games, asking the following questions:

What are your beauty rituals and favorite products?


Gold medalist Olympic swimmer Maya DiRado (Photo: Getty Images)

“I love this Neutrogena beauty balm that I bought two years ago in a drugstore. It offers great, easy coverage that doesn’t look like I put on makeup after a swim meet. That would look really weird with my hair in a bun. It makes my skin look even and it has sunscreen in it, plus a moisturizer. Also, I’ll put on a little mascara. I love my Bobbi Brown makeup when I’m actually going out. I’ve been using that for a long time. I also like getting my eyebrows done. Don’t look at them now! It’s been too long. Getting my nails done before a race is one of my only beauty rituals that I like to do. I went aggressively patriotic this year.” —Maya DiRado, BMW athlete and four-time Olympic medalist, including two golds, in swimming

“I use face lotion and sunscreen every day. I really like Endurance Shield sunscreen.” — Gwen Jorgensen, two-time Olympic triathlete, Specialized and Oakley athlete

“The first thing I apply on my face is a skin moisturizer. Then I put on a tinted moisturizer — something that corrects and tones my skin all over. I’m always someone who ‘puts on my eyebrows.’ Well, not puts them on, but rather makes them more sharp. And I love mascara and Chapstick.”Michelle Vittese, U.S. field hockey player


Shot-put Olympic star Michelle Carter. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Neutrogena Body Wash is a must, especially for athletic bodies. I feel like it gets you extra clean. I use BeautiControl for my face. I also love Jergens [Shea] Butter body lotion and Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer (that one’s my favorite).” — Michelle Carter, 2016 Olympic champion in women’s shot put, U.S. track and field athlete

“I think sunscreen is the most important secret for any athlete. We are out in the sun more than anyone else, and that can take a toll on both skin and health.” — Lea Davison, two-time Olympic mountain biker, Specialized athlete


Rugby player and Olympian Kelly Griffin (Photo: Splash News)

“Some of my favorite products are Neutrogena sunscreen, Tom’s of Maine deodorant, Goody hair bands, Kiss My Face soap, and Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty lotion. When I really want to dress up, I go to Lancôme for all my beauty needs.” — Kelly Griffin, team captain of the U.S. women’s Rugby Sevens, a variant of rugby played for the first time in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

“Pretty simple! I wash my face, put on sunscreen, put my hair up in a braid, and get out the door. I use Olay Total Effects moisturizer with SPF every day. The sunscreen I use at practice is a higher level of protection, with zinc in it. It makes my face white, but it’s the most effective way to block the sun!” — April Ross, U.S. beach volleyball player and bronze medalist

What is a beauty trend — perhaps a Brazilian one — you want to try?

“Probably a Brazilian wax.” — Michelle Carter

“I really want to try the avocado mask for my hair. Being from California, I think this is something I should try back in the States.” — Kelly Griffin


Gwen Jorgensen, Olympic triathlete (Photo: AP Photo)

“A manicure [with nail art] would be fun!” – Gwen Jorgensen

“The Brazilian blowout! I’ve had frizzy hair most of my life, and the Brazilian blowout fixes all those issues.” — Christa Dietzen, captain of U.S. women’s 2016 indoor volleyball team


Two-time Olympic mountain biker Lea Davison. (Photo: Twitter)

“There is a new Pantene Truly Natural Deep Conditioner I’ve been using in the Rio humidity. It’s been great for taming helmet hair.” — Lea Davison

“I don’t know a ton about Brazilian beauty routines, but you know they are tan and gorgeous. Some of my friends have gotten Brazilian blowouts, and they look amazing. My hair is already naturally pretty straight, but a Brazilian blowout would probably make it look more done and polished. I would love to try one of those!” — Maya DiRado

How does your beauty routine change in competition versus when out on the street?

“It doesn’t! I don’t own any makeup so that’s kind of unique. It feels really weird when I put on makeup for photoshoots. It feels really nice to have someone do my makeup. You feel very pampered.” — Gwen Jorgensen

“During competitions, I keep [my makeup] pretty light and focus on eyeliner, lashes and lipstick, just so the sweat doesn’t run and mess up my face.” — Michelle Carter

“I’ve read multiple articles about the issues of playing with makeup on. So I will use a little under-the-eye highlighter and then a little eye makeup. Nothing major.” — Christa Dietzen


U.S. field hockey player and Olympian Michelle Vittese (Photo: USA Field Hockey)

“When I go out at night, I’ll always go for a more dramatic look. I would maybe wear eyeshadow, lipstick, and contouring products. For a game, it’s strictly sunscreen, face lotion, and some type of highlighter around my eyes. Oh, and my eyebrows!” — Michelle Vittese

“For the Games, I make sure to have my hair braided tightly with TRESemmé gel, whereas for practice, I usually just do a pony.” — Kelly Griffin

“I don’t wear wear makeup regularly, so you won’t see me wearing it in the race. I think natural grit and determination are beauty in its finest form.” — Lea Davison

“I get really lazy during a competition. I’m not wearing anything when I race. But when up on the medal podium, it’s such a big deal. You’re accepting a medal in front of millions of people. There was always a frantic scene of girls trying to put on mascara. I’d use the cellphone of one of our managers to put it on. Then, I’d snap a selfie of my mascara-face because everybody makes that open-mouthed, weird look. We’d brush our hair. Some people did their eyebrows, but my eyebrows are very bold and strong and don’t need any help as is. That was really fun to get ready with the girls to go get our medals.” — Maya DiRado

“My hair takes a beating with what I do, especially being on the beach and in the sun. It sucks the moisture completely out of it. I don’t always shampoo after working out, but I always condition. A few times a week, I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist. I also usually wear a hat or a visor when I’m outside, whether I’m training or even just driving in my car, and I don’t part my hair when I’m outside typically, but if I did, I would apply sunscreen to my scalp.” — April Ross

What is the best beauty advice you have ever received?

“My mom always told me to at least wash your face when you wear makeup and always moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.” — Michelle Carter


Olympic indoor volleyball player Christa Dietzen (Photo: Getty Images)

“I use a charcoal complexion brush. I was using my hands forever, and I would constantly break out. After using the complexion brush, I have had significantly fewer breakouts.” — Christa Dietzen

“Just look natural. Happiness is the prettiest makeup you can wear. When you’re confident and enjoying yourself and have a big smile on your face, that’s when you feel prettiest. Also, get a lot of sleep, drink lots of water, and wear sunscreen.” — Maya DiRado

“One of my college friends (who eventually made it off-Broadway in NYC) first taught me how to put on makeup. She said, ‘Shade what’s naturally shaded and highlight what’s naturally highlighted.’” — Lea Davison

“Make sure you feel comfortable, and don’t go overboard on what’s trendy. Find what works best for you and your skin type — and keep it natural!” — Kelly Griffin


U.S. beach volleyball player and Olympian April Ross. (Photo: Getty Images)

“The No. 1 beauty secret I picked up is to wear a hat or a visor when you compete. I didn’t do this my first two years on tour and got sunburned every day, despite the sunscreen. For the last eight years, I’ve worn a hat or visor religiously.” — April Ross

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