Ring camera captures hilarious moment daughter realizes she forgot to put on pants

This hilarious Ring camera footage features a family heading out for the day until the daughter realizes that she completely forgot to put on pants, and viewers are in hysterics over the candid home movie.

When you have kids, getting everyone ready to leave the house can be a challenge. A Ring camera belonging to a TikToker and parent who goes by the username @onigirli_ captured her family’s hilarious attempt to head out of the house when her daughter suddenly realized that she wasn’t wearing pants. Not only were viewers losing it over the little girl’s initial mistake, but they also found her parents’ reactions just as funny.

The clip opens with Ring camera footage of the family heading out their front door. Just as her father is about to shut the door, the little girl exclaims, “Wait, I’m not wearing any pants.”

“Get out of here,” her father says playfully while her mom bursts out laughing. The little girl sheepishly follows her dad back into the house to finish getting dressed. Her mom tries to join them but is laughing so much that she can barely reach the door before it accidentally slams in her face, which makes her laugh even more.

While snorting and wheezing with laughter, the woman heads to her car parked in the driveway, where she continues to lose it while waiting for her daughter to put on a pair of pants.

The unique home video footage had viewers in stitches.

“She walked out and was like, ‘Hm, little drafty today,’” one user joked.

“It’s funnier that the mom is about to walk in, and the [door] shuts [in her face], and she’s just wheezing, LMAO,” shared one TikToker.

“Love that no one noticed but the kid,” one viewer noted.

“That kid is going places. Not outside, though,” teased one person.

Fortunately, the family wasn’t too far from the house when the little girl noticed the bottom half of her outfit was missing.

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