Riley Keough Talks “Mad Max,” Her Wedding & Twinning With Kristen Stewart

Actress Riley Keough doesn’t mind being mistaken for her pal and The Runaways costar Kristen Stewart. “There are some pictures where I can see [the resemblance]… We became friends sort of [while filming].” she tells our own Nick Axelrod in this episode of “I Yahoo’d Myself.” “But we became friends a couple of years later, through some mutual friends.” 

Kristen Stewart (left) and Riley Keough (right). Getty Images

The star gamely clicks through a Keough-Stewart slideshow, plus she dishes on shooting Mad Max: Fury Road, for which she and cast mates Charlize Theron, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Zoë Kravitz, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley spent almost seven months filming in Namibia. Sounds like very hard work, but one excellent thing came out of it (besides the film, out May 15): her husband, Aussie stuntman Ben Smith-Petersen

The pair met on the African set in 2014, got married this past February in Napa Valley, California, in front of guests such as Stewart, Dakota Johnson, Cara Delevingne, Kershaw, and Kravitz. 

Watch the video above to get the details on Keough’s first Vogue cover with mom Lisa-Marie Presley and grandma Priscilla in 2004 (there were masseuses on set?!) and her racy new project, the Steven Soderberg-directed Starz series The Girlfriend Experience. And be sure to check out other episodes of “I Yahoo’d Myself” with Freida Pinto, Eva Mendes, Kelly Osbourne, and many others.