Rihanna’s Super Bowl ‘Marshmallows’ show off outfits they got to keep

Super Bowl LVII and Rihanna’s halftime show (in which she revealed she was pregnant with her second child) have come and gone, but her backup dancers are just starting to get their moment in the sun.

Rihanna’s costume design was simple. She wore a red designer jumpsuit, while all her background dancers were dressed in all-white puffy jumpsuits with black sunglasses.

Although Rihanna was clearly the star of the performance, there were moments when the attention shifted to the background dancers and their meme-worthy motions.

Here, one of the dancers was seen doing the popular #nolovechallenge during “All of the Lights.”

“They really said ‘this dance goes with this song too’,” commented @kaylee.avilesss.

The freestyle dance move is reminiscent of Left Shark during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance. Left Shark went seemingly offbeat and danced off-script, becoming a massive meme in the process.

“We will forever be grateful to @katyperry for bringing left shark into our lives,” wrote @1824official in the caption.

The backup dancers for Rihanna may not be as iconic for their in-show performance, but because they were allowed to keep their costumes, they are showing up across several For You pages.

“So everybody was just a rhianna dancer,” said @kayla6337.

“The Rihanna Marshmallows are all over my fyp I love it,” replied @divzz.x_ugc_.

Thanks to Bryant (@bryantaviles), TikTok allegedly found the dancer who did the #nolovechallenge dance during the performance. Aviles said he believed the dancer to be Azaria (@azariaieriko) and tagged her in one of his videos.

Users then rushed to her page and flooded the comments on a video released over a week before the Super Bowl to ask if she did the dance.

She hasn’t responded to any of the comments, but with Aviles’ cosign, the internet seems to have found the dancer behind the meme.

As the post-Super Bowl week continues and more of Rihanna’s dancers show off their costumes, expect to keep seeing the “marshmallows” on your page.

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