Rihanna Spent an Unbelievable Sum to Rent an Arizona Man's House During the Super Bowl

It was enough to pay off two years of his mortgage.

Better have her money! Rihanna is definitely not afraid to throw some cash around, which she proved with the jaw-dropping amount of money she paid to rent a house in Arizona for the week of the Super Bowl.

As we know, the 35-year-old hitmaker was this year's halftime show performer at the Super Bowl LVII back in February, where she put on a show that people would be talking about for days.

But her mind-blowing performance wasn't the only notable part of her trip to Arizona, as new reports reveal she paid a hefty chunk of change to rent a home near the stadium.

An Arizona man by the name of Spyro Malaspinas told The Wall Street Journal that he was approached with an offer of a whopping $500,000 to rent out his home for a week, only finding out later that the potential renter was Rihanna.

Malaspinas, a 48-year-old cybersecurity expert, said he never imagined himself renting his house until he was given an offer he just couldn't refuse.

"The last thing I am is a real estate baron," he stated. "My pride's not that big. I don't mind moving out for $500,000 a week."

The home—which is actually more of a mansion—is a 6,400-square-foot, five-bedroom property in the affluent town of Paradise Valley, just about 30 minutes away from State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., where the big game took place this year.

Malaspinas told the publication that he just bought the home in 2022, paying $7.3, and that the sum Rihanna paid is enough to cover his mortgage for two years. Not only was it a stellar financial opportunity for Malaspinas, but it was also exciting for his family, as well, who he said were in awe of the celebrity tenant.

"My [13-year-old] daughter was absolutely thrilled,” he said.

Rihanna's Super Bowl performance will go down in history as one of the most iconic halftime shows of all time, as the "Umbrella" singer famously announced her second pregnancy during the live broadcast.

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