Rihanna Responds to Backlash for Calling Her Son 'Fine'

The singer clapped back at people criticizing her word choice.

As she celebrates her huge Super Bowl halftime show and the announcement that she's pregnant with her second child, Rihanna took a moment to clap back at some people criticizing her recent Instagram post.

The singer shared a few photos from a new British Vogue photo shoot in which she poses with her son, whose name she and partner A$AP Rocky have not announced yet.

Rihanna captioned the post: "my son so fine! Idc idc idc!How crazy both of my babies were in these photos and mommy had no clue ❤️❤️ thank you so much @edward_enninful and @inezandvinoodh for celebrating us as a family!"

View Rihanna's controversial Instagram post here!

Well, some people took issue with Rihanna describing her son as "fine" and told her so. One person wrote, "Calling your baby fine is literally weird couldve said anything else."

Rihanna decided to shut down the criticism by responding to a few comments. So when someone else commented, "who call a baby fine??😭," Rihanna wrote back, "his mother!!!"

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A different comment read, "😳🤔 more like cute, adorable.. he's not a grown man.. lol."

Rihanna clapped back at them, commenting, "you just keep your lil cougar paws away from him and we good!"

She seemed to really enjoy taking down the people criticizing her. Another said, "riri ik u did not just say 'fine' ..," and Rihanna simply wrote back, "af."

Of course, many of Rihanna's fans also came to her defense, calling out the people's fixation on her use of the word "fine."

One fan summed it up pretty well when they wrote, "I have a son and I think my son is 'FINE', 'HANDSOME', 'CUTE', 'ATTRACTIVE' which ever word I choose, it ALL mean the same & that doesn’t mean 'WE' want to date our son...Congratulations @badgalriri on your new bundle of joy! Keep flourishing love ❤️."

With over 10 million likes and many positive comments and compliments, hopefully, the small group of people criticizing Rihanna for her word choice won't discourage the singer from sharing more personal moments with her family in the future.

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