Rihanna’s Newest Fenty Release Is All About Shoes & I’m High-Key Freaking Out

Maggie Griswold

It’s been just over a year since Rihanna launched her clothing brand Fenty, and—unlike the rest of 2020—things just keep getting better. After a year of seriously cool luxury fashion featuring everything from work-ready pumps to sexy mini dresses and luxe winter coats, the mogul is back at it again with another drop that’s blowing me away. Created with designer Amina Muaddi, Rihanna’s July 2020 Fenty shoe launch is THE gift we all need this summer. For Rihanna stans, shoe-lovers and luxury fashion shoppers alike, this Fenty drop is a summer shoe game-changer—and I can’t wait to snag every gorgeous pair.

I get it, though. Some people would rather hear an announcement about Rihanna’s...

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