Riding Utah's "Most Popular" Jump Trail

It is no secret that the greater Virgin, Utah area is a freeride mountain bikers paradise, but did you know it's more than just big spines and Rampage features?

Well, if you didn't (or even if you did and just want to watch a cool video) check out this little edit of a flowy, albeit still massive and scary, jump line in the region below.

The trail is called "Nine Lives" which feels like a pretty appropriate name all things considered.

This line checks just about all of the boxes for a perfect jump line. Mandatory gaps? Yep. Big hip? You know it. Canyon Gap? Absolutely. Not too long and not too short? Appears to be!

It may not be everyone's ideal jump line but for those who are skilled enough to hit it, it isn't hard to see why this would be the most popular jump line in the state of Utah.

All I will say is, "most popular" or not, I am into it and would absolutely love to go down and session that line.

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