Need a Ride? The Best Transportation Apps

Getting around in a new city (or your hometown) just got a whole lot easier. As an alternative to hailing a cab, there are several apps that will send a car to you with just the tap of a button. As it turns out, they can even save you some money. Rates vary from city to city, but on Monday, Uber announced that they were cutting the price of their UberX service by 20 percent, officially making it a cheaper option than New York City cabs. So to save some time — and maybe even some money — here is a list of the best transportation apps.



Uber was founded in 2009 and is one of the most visible transportation apps available. With just one click of a button, a car will come and pick you up within minutes. The best part is that there are options to choose from based on what you want to pay. Passengers can choose “UberT” for taxis or “Black Car” for a chauffeured Town Car or SUV. Another popular option is “UberX,” which connects users with a background-checked driver who picks them up in their own vehicle. At the end of the ride, passengers incur a charge on the credit card they have on file. Uber is currently available in more than 70 cities in the U.S., including New York City, Miami, and even Omaha. The service is also available in 40 countries, including London, Rome, and Amsterdam. So if you’re traveling abroad, it’s a great option to get around a new city. 

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If you’ve see a car sporting a pink mustache in your city, then you’ve already encountered our next app’s service. Lyft was founded in 2012 and uses friendly, background-checked drivers to provide rides.  Users simply click the big green button that says “Request Lyft,” and you can see your driver’s ETA, and even their headshot. After being dropped off at your destination, the credit card that you have on file is immediately charged. Easy as pie. Lyft is currently available in 64 cities, including San Diego, Detroit, and Nashville. An added bonus is that anyone who is interested in becoming a driver can sign up on the site. Apparently, they can make $35 bucks an hour — not too shabby.




There are two times when it’s impossible to get a cab in New York City. The first is when the cabbies are changing shifts, and the second is when it’s raining. In those moments, it might be handy to have an app like Hailo on your phone. With just a tap on your Android or iPhone, Hailo will send a taxi or black car to your location. And just like Lyft and Uber, it charges the credit card you have on file at the end of the ride. Hailo launched in November 2011, and is available in London, New York, all across Ireland, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Madrid, Barcelona, Washington, D.C., Montreal, Osaka, and more.

(Photo: Sidecar)


If you’re looking for a more personalized riding experience, then Sidecar is the option for you. Like the other apps, Sidecar allows you to summon a driver to your location with the click of a button. However, this app also allows you to choose the vehicle, the driver, and the price. The app even tells you how much the trip is going to cost you before you get in the car! Sidecar is a newer app, founded in 2012, so it is available in fewer cities. Still, there are some major locations on its roster, including San Francisco and the Bay area, Chicago, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Charlotte, San Diego, Boston, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

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(Photo: Summon)


Summon is an on-demand transportation app that matches riders with a taxi or personal car. The special thing about Summon is that the app has a “FareBack” feature, which allows riders to earn 10% in credit after every completed ride to use on their next one. It is also an antisurge company, meaning that prices stay flat even when demand is high. One caveat: Summon is available only in San Francisco. But if you live in the Bay Area, it’s definitely worth looking into. 

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