Riders Take "Party Lap" Down Picturesque Chilean Bike Park


A lot of bike parks claim to be "freeridey" but it seems fair to say that none hold a candle to Rocapark in Chile. Their park looks less like a traditional bike park and more like you slapped a shuttle service on Red Bull Rampage.

Take a look at one of their wild "runs" of sorts in the video below.

That is the very essence of what a party lap should be. In fact, it all but redefines the term.

The Chilean freeride playground that is Rocapark began in 2012 with the simple goal of creating something world-class from the stunning, primed for freeriding, hills of Antofagasta in the Atacama desert.

And create something world-class they did, there is really nothing that looks quite comparable to this setup and the fact that it is tailored for big mountain freeriding just makes it all the more special.

If this place isn't on your list yet, it should be. I can only speak for myself, but it is now very much on my radar.

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