Rider's Near Miss Compilation Earns Him "Queenstown's Loosest Man" Title

Queenstown, New Zealand is home to many high-caliber riders, from homegrown to transplant. To stand out in that environment riders have to be very notable.

Watch some of Reece Potter’s follow cams of Harry Steer, a candidate for loosest rider in Queenstown.

In this video, Steer rides on the edge, nearly crashing multiple times. Thankfully stayed upright.

There are some riders that for whatever reason feel at home on the edge. These riders are way more fun to watch from the other side of a screen than they are to follow. That can be quite terrifying.

Reece Potter is a rider from Queenstown, New Zealand, known for getting loose. As you can see, his friends are even rowdier.

Queenstown is a resort town on the South Island of New Zealand. Due to the expanse of trails there, it has become very popular among professional riders and travelers.

With helicopter drops, two bike parks, epic trails, and warm weather in the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months, it is no surprise that Queenstown has become a destination for riders.

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