Rider List Locked for The Uninvited Invitational

This year is the second year of the Uninvited Invitational event, which is the brainchild of legendary Jess Kimura following her Uninvited video series. And they have just announced which riders are locked in.

The Uninvited Invitational hosts and invites some of the most talented and successful female snowboards in the entire world, including Nora Beck, Danyale Patterson, Emma Crosby, Sierra Forchheimer, Kennedi Deck, Laura Rogoski, Henna Ikola, Kaleah Opal, Iris Pham, Jill Perkins, Egan Wint, Annika Morgan, Jaylen Hanson, and more.

In fact, the Uninvited Invitational will be hosting 70 riders from all over the world. And the best news... the prize cash purse is $55,000. That is unprecedented in our little snowboard world!

The Uninvited Invitational takes place from April 11th to April 14th at Woodward Park City in Utah. Do not miss this action.

Here is video #3 from the Uninvited video series, which features a lot of the riders that in the live event series as well.

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