Rider Describes 90-Foot Blunder As "Sketchy Business"

Throwing tricks on 90-foot jumps is a high-risk, high-reward activity. Adolf Silva, unfortunately, got acquainted with the risk part of the equation.

Watch him slam after failing to bring back a Superman seat grab below.

In this video, Silva aired out a huge Superman. Unfortunately, he made a mistake pulling his body back to land and slammed over the bard straight onto his stomach. It is as scary a crash as one can imagine.

Supermans like this are a trick imported from the moto world, and a heavy dirt bike certainly makes it easier to bring them back. It takes a lot of skill to throw this trick on a mountain bike.

In his caption, Silva was thankful to make it out of that crash. “Not sure how I survived this one,” he mused.

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What likely saved him from catastrophic injury was that he put his legs out at the last second and was able to use them to kind of roll out the crash. This greatly reduced the impact force of a crash that could have been straight to his chest like a penguin slide.

Adolf Silva is a Spanish freerider known for his style on big jumps. He also has a pretty neat backyard! Watch pros gather there below.

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