Rider for a cause celebrates birthday with $13K donation

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Cookie Butcher has been fundraising for Ride to Roswell for seven years. For the first two she didn’t do anything major, but by her third time, she had started doing basket raffles. This year she did a ticket raffle with prizes donated from around the area.

She was able to raise $13,000 for the cause.

“I’ve only ridden 65 (miles), though that turned into 72 because I got lost,” she said. “But not this one, I signed up for the 34-mile country, which goes through Clarence.”

The friends and community members who donated included George Fitz of Mills Jewelers, who donated gift cards, along with Bob Confer of Confer Plastics. Other prizes included wine tastings and a wheelbarrow full of alcohol.

The drawing was done on Friday and a crowd of people were there. Cherie and Bill Anterline, as well as Debbie Schnittker, have all known Butcher since elementary school and were not only there to cheer on her fundraising, but also to celebrate her 65th birthday.

Schnittker told a funny story about how she and Butcher rode bikes to Reids, during their middle school years, and decided to ride to Olcott.

“Then we said, ‘Oh no!’, ” Schnittker said. “We were sunburned and we were so tired. My father had a truck, though, and he came to pick up both us and our bikes.”

The Ride for Roswell uses donations to forward research, as well as patient care. said Andrea Gregory, director of the Ride for Roswell.

“It helps the patients of today and tomorrow,” she said

Gregory said that all ability levels and ages of riders can join the Ride for Roswell. There are nine routes that go from four miles to 100 miles. Eight-thousand riders are participating in the June 22 event and the goal of the fundraiser is $6 million.

As for Butcher, Gregory said, “She’s terrific.”

“She’s a great fundraiser and we’re very pleased. It’s exciting and it just shows all the hard work our individual riders put in,” she said.