Ride the wave of innovation with Fliteboard's new lineup of eFoils

 People riding Fliteboard eFoils on water.
People riding Fliteboard eFoils on water.

Fliteboard, a leading player in the eFoil industry, has just unveiled its thrilling 2024 product lineup, promising to take water adventures to soar new heights.

We took a couple of Fliteboards out for a spin last year, and it's safe to say we were hooked from the moment the eFoil left the water to hover over the sea like a magic carpet. As such, we're super excited about the brand's new models.

In case you're unfamiliar, eFoils are like surf boards on steroids. Using an underwater motor unit and handheld controller, these puppies let you ride the waves effortlessly.

The latest offerings from Fliteboard include the fourth-generation Fliteboard and Fliteboard PRO, boasting exciting new features like a high-performance Aluminium eFoil propulsion system with a titanium conical wing interface.

The new board also has a Marc Newson-designed hand controller sporting a larger, brighter colour screen.

People riding Fliteboard eFoils on water
People riding Fliteboard eFoils on water

Also making a splash is the durable Soft Top EVA board range, designed for extra resilience.

A brand new addition to the range is the ULTRA L2, hailed as the world's lightest production performance eFoil, tailored for the most skilled riders out there.

Weighing in at a mere 40 pounds, it's light as a feather and comes packed with a carbon fibre mast, a wave tracking feature, and a sleek design for ultimate manoeuvrability.

According to David Trewern, the CEO and Founder of Fliteboard, "Every year since we announced the original Fliteboard in 2017, we've brought new, industry-leading innovations to the world."

And 2024 is no exception, as the latest Flite range promises something for everyone, from beginners to pros, at accessible and premium price points. Of course, 'accessible pricing' means different when it comes to eFoils – an average model sells for $4,500.

That said, there are cheaper boards available, and the Fliteboard community continues to grow at a rapid rate, as nearly 11,000 Fliteboards have been sold in over 90 countries. There is clearly a market for eFoils!

The new boards can be ordered now at Fliteboard, with shipping starting in May 2024. The Fliteboard ULTRA L2 has a recommended retail price of  $13,995/ €13,500/ AU$ 22,999 (prices from). The Fliteboard PRO has a recommended retail price of $8,995/ €8,700/ AU$ 14,499.

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