Ride Along With Brett Barley While He Navigates a Wild Winter Swell on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

January on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a wonderful place to be a surfer.

If you can handle the cold.

Which, as it turns out, not many can. After December, very few traveling surfers hunt swells on the banks, leaving Brett Barley, Mark Dawson, and a handful of their hardcore friends to any wave they want.

"Winter is here and so are the crazy storms!", writes Barley alongside the description of his latest episode of his very good series 'Life On Water'. "Winds of 65mph overnight, and offshore winds at 45mph the next morning made conditions impossible, but we got a window in the afternoon. And day 2... well day 2 was an absolute dream of a winter day of surfing on the East Coast. Good times with the crew!"

In the edit, Barley and crew experience a little bit of everything in 48 hours, which is par for the course on the Outer Banks, where the weather and waves are always in flux. From hardcore and offshore, to peaky, rippable, green and warm (ish), this is what life is like for a surfer in January living way out on a sliver of a sandbar off the coast of North Carolina.


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