How to Get Rid of Stress in 10 Minutes Flat

Photo credit: Zachary Scott / Getty
Photo credit: Zachary Scott / Getty

From Good Housekeeping

Once stress takes over your emotions, it's hard to shake it - quickly, that is.

When you have a billion and a half things on your plate and only a few hours in the day to finish them, escaping panic mode seems nearly impossible. The worst part is people hardly ever take the time to breathe during these draining moments, which in the end only make it worse.

Gabrielle Bernstein, best-selling author and self-help guru, knows the sensation well and found a way to stop the stress monsters before they take control.

"Whenever I'm sitting at my desk, stuck in the swamp of writer's block or feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of unread emails in my inbox, I turn to an exercise that works every time: I jump on my mini trampoline," she told Well + Good. "Within a minute my body begins to shake off stress, and after a 10-minute session I feel amazingly energized and at peace."

Not what you were expecting, huh? It makes sense: The combination of a little exercise - obviously very good for your mental health - and something a bit more silly can make a big impact, even if it only takes few minutes.

"Rebounding on a mini trampoline makes you feel more childlike, helps you bust through blocks and greatly supports your lymphatic system," Bernstein says. "The lymphatic system carries nutrients to the cells while leading away waste products. Without proper movement, it gets blocked, leaving the cells to soak in waste without nutrients. This stagnation in the body can lead to disease and speed up the aging process."

The best news is that a mini trampoline will only cost you about $25. Although when it comes to stress, relief is basically priceless. Keep it in the office, at home or even your car on long road trips - anywhere you might need a little boost.

And if you don't want to invest in one, don't worry. There are other methods for getting rid of stress too. Bernstein also recommends jumping rope or dancing around your room - to a great playlist, of course.

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