Richmond woman attempts to crochet world's longest scarf

RICHMOND, Calif. - A Richmond woman is waiting to hear if she has broken the Guinness World Record for the world's longest crocheted scarf.

Daisy Ptak's scarf was measured at Richmond's Craneway Pavilion on Monday to fulfill one of the many rules that Guinness requires to enter its record book.

Ptak started crocheting the scarf more than a year ago.

She took on this ambitious project despite having a full-time job and two kids.

She told KTVU that she worked on the giant scarf everywhere she went.

"At the movie, at restaurants, sports games, sitting in my camp chair working away," she said, adding, "but it all paid off."

Her scarf is nearly 800 feet long, about the size of three football fields.

It's about 50 feet longer than the current record holder.