Richard Jefferson: Lakers have the stars, but Heat are better 'team'

The 17-year NBA veteran gives his thoughts on the championship series between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Video Transcript

RICHARD JEFFERSON: This Miami Heat-- and this is what I'm going to say. This is legitimate. The Lakers have the star power. In my opinion, the Miami Heat are a better, quote unquote, team. They are balanced. They have multiple players in multiple positions.

They almost go too deep in every position. There are some guys that have kind of fallen out of favor in the rotation but often get a chance to jump back [INAUDIBLE]. That's Andre Iguodala, who has a huge game, or Solomon Hill. There's going to be opportunities for all of these guys.

But make no mistake, the Miami Heat don't have, quote unquote, the star power, but they are a better, quote unquote, team. And that's what makes it very, very scary when you have a guy like Tyler Herro, who could just explode, or you have a guy like Andre Iguodala, who hadn't really done anything since he'd been on the Heat, other than just be a very good, calming presence, all of a sudden explode.

Why does he explode? Because basically, that was a random Tuesday night for him. These games are-- this man has been in the finals for six straight times, and that's why Pat Riley went and got him and went and got Drake Crowder to be that calming presence in big moments. And he delivered like he should.

And so the thing about all basketball fans that they really need to recognize is that I don't know how big of an upset this will be if he loses to the Miami Heat in the bubble if Tyler Herro gets hot. Because look at the individuals that the Lakers are going to be guarding. You've got Danny Green. You've got Rondo. You've got some older bodies trying to guard some of these younger stallions running around.