Rhode's Genius New Phone Case Doubles as a Lip Gloss Holder

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Hailey Bieber has been teasing the Lip Case for days, and we finally have some details.

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A few weeks ago, Hailey Bieber caused a sensation online when she posted a mirror selfie with a brand-new phone case front and center. Though, this wasn't just any cute phone case. No, this was a Rhode bottle-gray case with a built-in lip balm holder that kept the coveted tube snugly in place on the case. After the selfie went viral, we saw the case pop up again and again on her stories and feed. First through many more selfies, then in her hands while she was at the Super Bowl—the same day she debuted chocolate brown hair

Though we saw the case in its full glory on Instagram and on the jumbotron, it seemed a little too good to be true—maybe Mrs. Bieber made a specialty case just for her own personal use.

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However, on February 13, our dreams of having our very own Rhode phone accessory to pair with our favorite Rhode lippies became a reality—the cult-followed beauty brand officially announced the cases will be available for purchase on February 27 alongside a restock of the brand's beloved Lip Tints ($16).

Though we haven't gotten our hands on the Lip Case ($35) yet, we can tell from the pictures it will be slightly squishy to the touch. Made out of a "silky silicon," per the brand's website, it has a cushiony back and raised bezels around the screen and camera to protect them. Available exclusively in Rhode's famous gray color, they each have a special molding on the back to fit every Rhode Lip Tint and Treatment—and nothing else. It looks like the cases will only be available to fit the iPhone 14 and 15 Pro/Pro Max, and can be bundled with a lip product of your choice.



Just as Apple Pay killed all of our needs for a wallet in our day-to-day lives, Lip Case is killing our need for a shoulder bag altogether. Now, when we leave our house, all we need is our phone since it has our wallet, internet access, and lippie in one. Genius.

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