Dr. Jen Armstrong And Ryne Holliday From ‘RHOC’ Are Separating

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Photo credit: jenniferarmstrongmd Instagram
Photo credit: jenniferarmstrongmd Instagram

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 brought some serious over-the-top drama, thanks to two brand new cast members. There's former model Noella Bergener, whose ongoing divorce was a major plotline this season. And, there's aesthetic MD Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, whose constant supply of Botox made her a huge hit with the other ladies.

Of course, no Housewives season would be complete without a few appearances from the House-husbands. Jen's (often shirtless) husband Ryne Holliday popped up in his fair share of episodes—but fans still don't know too much about him.

As it turns out, Jen's plot line next season may look similar to Noella's. She and Ryne are splitting up (seemingly for good, this time). Here's everything to know about Ryne and the reasons why he and Jen are calling it quits:

Ryne works in the travel industry.

Jen talks freely about her job as an aesthetic MD on the show, but Ryne's job hasn't been mentioned much. Turns out, he's the president of Hawaii Hideaways, Inc., which offers luxury rentals and vacation planning services aimed mostly at small businesses, according to Bustle.

The company is based in Newport Beach, California, and Ryne has become known as a travel expert. In 2018, he was named a top travel specialist by Condé Nast Traveler.

"Ever since I visited Hawaii as a teenager, I knew I would live there for the rest of my life," a statement from Ryne reads on the company's website. "I started off small renting my own house to travelers, but then soon branched out to other properties when demand grew."

"I have been asked if I will expand my business to other locations outside of Hawaii," the statement continues, "and the answer is always, no, Hawaii is my home and Hawaii is all I want to share with others."

What is Ryne's net worth?

Before Ryne started Hawaii Hideaways, he was a professional poker player, he revealed during RHOC's March 2 episode. Ryne explained to Terry and Heather Dubrow that he enjoys gambling and played professionally until he and Jen started having kids, per the Daily Mail.

Ryne's exact net worth is unclear, but his successful business likely pulls in a significant paycheck.

He also played basketball in college.

Ryne sometimes gives viewers a peek at his sporty side on the show, which he's been working on since college. He played as a guard on the University of Hawaii's basketball team.

"When I was offered the opportunity to play basketball at the University of Hawaii, I quickly moved to the island of Oahu and now more than 20 years later, I have not left," Ryne explains on Hawaii Hideaway's website.

After going through a rough patch on the show, the couple are now officially splitting up.

During the show's Feb. 16 episode, Jen revealed to her co-stars that "Ryne packed his bag and left last night." He returned the next morning, she explained, but added "I feel completely alone right now."

"It's not even hurt, it's like humiliation. It's like he totally humiliates me. I need a divorce," she told Heather. "I don't want to do this ever again. I really don't like this. I don't want to feel like this ever again."

RHOC's March 2 episode showed Jen and Ryne drifting apart even further while at a dinner party hosted by the Dubrows. "Jen is hammered," Heather revealed in a confessional. "I like to see Jen letting loose, but the more loose Jen is getting the more introverted Ryne is getting."

After a few very awkward conversations, Ryne kissed Jen on the cheek. She responded, “can you kiss me on the lips. . . Like we’re married?” A few minutes later, Ryne asked Jen to stop drinking, and the pair eventually left together.

Fast forward, and in February, Jen revealed that she and Ryne "separated and then lived life without each other" for a month before getting back together. The pair were also searching for a new house: “We are hoping our new home is a place for a clean slate and fresh start to work on our marriage and family,” she told Page Six.

Jen filed for legal separation from Ryne on May 13.

But now, the couple seems to be parting ways for good. On May 13, Jen officially filed for legal separation from Ryne, the outlet reported. In court documents, Jen put their date of separation as Sept. 8, 2021, claiming "irreconcilable differences" were behind the split.

Jen also requested legal and physical custody (with visitation rights for Ryne) of their three children: Twins Vince and Vera, 10, and Robert, 9. And, she asked the court to end spousal support for both parties, according to Us Weekly.

“We’ve had a challenging relationship and people can be very judgmental. A lot of people have reached out and said, ‘Oh, you deserve better. How do you let him treat you that way?’ But they’re not in the day to day. They don’t know the history,” Jen explained to the outlet.

“I would say that the show put a magnifying glass on what was going on in our marriage that we had ignored for so many years when both of us were not happy.”

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