RHOB's Newest Star Sheree Zampino Spilled The Tea on Her Relationship with Cast Mates

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Photo:  Presley Ann / Stringer (Getty Images)
Photo: Presley Ann / Stringer (Getty Images)

In a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season filled with some pretty epic drama (can we talk about Aspen), Sheree Zampino has flown pretty much under the radar. Brought on by our queen and the first Black Real Housewife on Beverly Hills, Garcelle Beauvais, Zampino really hasn’t had any beef with anyone.

Even when her cast mates come for her bestie in pretty messed-up ways, Zampino, who was married to Will Smith, has stayed frustratingly neutral.

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So when I saw that she’d done an interview with the Huffington Post, where she got down and dirty about her relationship with cast mates, I was really hoping that finally there was some fire.

Instead, it turns out she gets along with everyone except maybe Sutton Stracke and Kyle Richards, who she called “shady” and not able to keep a secret, respectively.

She spoke especially highly of Erika Girardi, whose estranged lawyer husband’s alleged embezzlement of money intended for burn victims and the plane crash survivors’ families, has been the center of the show for the last two seasons.

“I was pleasantly surprised. Like with Erika, I actually thought she was fun. I had a good time with her. I saw her realness, and I’m from New York,” Zampino told the Huffington Post. “So I love people that are real and you know exactly where you stand.”

But here’s the thing, Girardi is not exactly popular with fans or with Beauvais right now. Girardi has been accused of having received millions of dollars of funds intended for her estranged husband’s clients.

In a recent episode when questioned by Beauvais and another cast mate about a pair of $750,000 earrings that were allegedly purchased from the alleged victims’ money, Girardi said it wasn’t her problem. She also proceeded to curse out Beauvais and other cast mates who dared to ask if it was right for her to hold onto the earrings. In July, she was ordered to give the earrings back as a part of the multiple lawsuits she and her estranged husband are facing.

There is way more bad blood to get into between Beauvais and Girardi, not the least of which is a scene where Girardi curses out Beauvais’ then-14-year-old for trying to clean up after a party. Another highlight was when Girardi made a show of dumping Beauvais’ new book in the trash on Instagram.

But that wasn’t the only cast member that’s gone below the belt with Beauvais but Zampino praised. She also had some very nice things to say about ultra-rich socialite Diana Jenkins. “I love the way Diana rolls,” Zampino told the Huffington Post.

Once again there is way too much to get into between Jenkins and Beauvais here. But, the thing that really stands out to me, is the time Jenkins blasted Beauvais on social media by saying it was Beauvais’ job to tell people how much Jenkins gives to Haiti and Black communities.

For those who don’t know, Beauvais is Haitian, and the whole thing just reeks of not-so-subtle racism. It’s giving “how dare you Black person criticize me, I’ve done so much for you people.”

All of that to say, I’m a little disappointed that even after seeing all of these attacks go down against her friend on social media, Zampino is still trying so hard to be neutral.