Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky 'Aren't Getting Along' After Emma Slater Drama

Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky 'Aren't Getting Along' After Emma Slater Drama
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for season 13, but the drama has already started ahead of the hit Bravo show's premiere. One earth-shattering development fans never thought they’d see is longtime cast member Kyle Richards and husband Mauricio Umansky's relationship on the rocks.

If you’ve been following these two IRL, you already know that they’ve publicly acknowledged they’re going through some stuff, and an official sneak peak of the new season doesn’t hide that. The preview opens with rumors about Kyle and Mauricio separating and the speculation—among the fellow Housewives and media—for the reason behind the supposed split.

In one part of the sneak preview, fellow RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais asks Kyle, "If there was infidelity, would you say?" to which Kyle responds, "I don't know." Later, cast member Sutton Stracke shares her take on the situation, saying: "Every time I go online, I see something about someone cheating. Where there's smoke, there's fire."

In another scene in the sneak preview, Kyle and rumored girlfriend Morgan Wade get tattoos together, and Dorit even says to Kyle in another scene, "You put the first letter of your name on her body. What is going on, Kyle?"

As if all that wasn't enough to get fans in a tizzy, there's even a moment when Mauricio says to Kyle, "I'm just glad it's you out there having an affair." To which Kyle responds,"For once it's me."

Later in the preview, Kyle and Mauricio sit down with their four daughters for what appears to be a family meeting. "We are a very strong family, and we always will be. Nothing can change that," Kyle says. Yeah, that's a lot to take in for one season trailer.

So…what’s going on with Kyle and Mauricio, and how did they get to this point? Here’s a look back at their relationship timeline:

1994: Kyle and Mauricio meet.

The couple first met at a club called Bar One—she was 23; he was 24, Kyle told The Knot. Things moved really fast for these two. “The moment we started dating, I just felt like he was the one,” Kyle said.

1994: They get engaged.

Mauricio proposed to Kyle at the Shutters restaurant in Santa Monica, California, per The Knot. He hid a rosebud-shaped ring in a bouquet of flowers and encouraged her to find it. “It was a dream for me,” Kyle told the publication.

1995: Kyle gets pregnant.

The Halloween franchise actress discovered she was pregnant with the couple’s first child together while they were planning their wedding. “The wedding was originally going to be, I believe, in April, and then we moved it up to January so my dress would still fit because I was pregnant," Kyle told The Knot.

Jan 20, 1996: They get married.

Kyle wore a long-sleeved, lacy white dress with a poufy skirt; Mauricio was in a tux.

“21 years ago today I married my best friend ❤I had no idea where the road would take us at that time, but I knew I would always be happy as long as I have you by my side ❤,” she wrote in an anniversary Instagram post in 2017. “Thank you for making me the happiest girl in the world. I love you more! ❤”

June 18, 1996: Their first daughter, Alexia, is born.

The couple welcomed their first daughter Alexia in June. This was Kyle’s second child—she had daughter Farrah Aldjufrie with her ex-husband, Guraish Aldjufrie, in 1988.

January 18, 2000: Their second daughter, Sophia, is born.

Sophie joined big sister Alexia nearly four years later. Kyle shared sweet throwback photos of her daughter on Instagram in 2017, calling her a “force to be reckoned with.”

March 1, 2008: Their third daughter, Portia, is born.

Portia is the couple’s youngest daughter, and she was just a toddler when her mom started starring on RHOBH. Kyle shared a hilarious photo of her daughter dressed up as her mom for “superhero day” at school, which, aww.

October 2010: Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills premieres.

ICYDK, Kyle was one of the original cast members of the hit Bravo show and, despite her history as a child actor, RHOBH made her a household name. She starred alongside her sister, Kim Richards, who eventually left the show.

2017: They move to the Valley, and their home is burglarized.

The couple originally had a mansion in Bel Air, but decided to move to the Valley north of Los Angeles after Mauricio had a listing they fell in love with, per People.“It's not like anything you would see in Los Angeles normally, and I just fell in love and my husband did too,” Kyle told the publication.

But that same year, their home was burglarized. “"Everything was taken," Kyle told People. "Everything my mother, who passed away, had ever collected and saved to give to me—that I had always envisioned of passing on to my four daughters—was gone. Even my children's baby bracelets. Obviously those are the things that hurt the most, things that I can't replace. They're completely invaluable."

July 27, 2020: Kyle posts a nude she took for Mauricio.

Well, these two certainly like to keep things spicy! “I took this picture for my husband for Valentine's Day one year,” Kyle wrote in the caption of a nude Instagram post. “I was nervous to take it and then when I was asked to do #RHOBH I was nervous to accept doing the show because I was worried this photo would surface. I thought it was THAT risqué!! How scandalous! 🙈😂 Now here I am posting it because it DOES make me feel empowered!”

2021: They celebrate 25 years of marriage.

Kyle told Bravo Insider that being married for quarter of a century(!) “means so much” to her. “For me, it's one of my biggest accomplishments,” she says. “I mean, I think it's refreshing. In this town, to be married 25 years is a really big deal. And we're really proud to be good role models to our daughters.”

Jan 2022: They sell their home in Beverly Hills.

While the couple listed their Bel Air mansion after buying their home in the Valley, it didn’t sell right away. Their home eventually sold for $6.1 million, and Mauricio, Farrah, and Alexia were listing agents on the property, per People.

June 2022: Mauricio stars in Buying Beverly Hills.

While Mauricio appeared on RHOBH throughout the years, he became a reality star in his own right on Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills alongside Farrah and Alexia. The show featured his real estate brokerage, The Agency, as well as drool-worthy properties.

April 2023: Mauricio shuts down rumors about a split.

Mauricio spoke out after rumors started swirling that he and Kyle had called it quits after she was spotted without her wedding ring. “We’re not getting divorced,” he said on the Two T's In a Pod podcast. “I mean, it's so dumb. That one stupid story that came out there, and then the girls all, you know, decided to talk about it on the Housewives, and so now it's a storyline.”

July 2023: Sources say Kyle and Mauricio have separated.

Sources told several publications, including People, that the couple had separated but were still living under the same roof. In response to these reports, the couple released a joint statement on Instagram.

“Any claims regarding divorcing are untrue," the statement read. "However, yes, we have had a rough year. The most challenging one of our marriage. But we both love and respect each other tremendously."

"There has been no wrongdoing on anyone's part. Although we are in the public eye, we ask to be able to work through our issues privately," they continued in the post. "While it may be entertaining to speculate, please do not create false stories to fit a further salacious narrative."

October 3, 2023: Mauricio confirms the couple's separation, but says they’re not giving up yet.

“We’ve been married for 27 years,” Mauricio told People. “We’re having a bit of a rough patch. She and I currently are separated, but we are not throwing in the towel.”

October 22, 2023: Mauricio is spotted holding hands with Dancing With the Stars partner Emma Slater.

The dancing duo were seen holding hands on Sunday, October 22, after getting dinner together in Beverly Hills, according to photos obtained by TMZ.

mauricio umansky emma slater
Mauricio and Emma attend Park Elm at Century Plaza launch event prior to being photographed holding hands. Vivien Killilea - Getty Images

October 25, 2023: Kyle says filming RHOBH season 13 was "challenging" amid her marital issues.

In an Instagram post the reality TV star shared leading up to the season 13 premiere, Kyle got candid about the struggles she experienced while filming. "Tonight! Season 13 begins. 13 years… Here we go again. Each season always brings surprise twists and turns. This season more than ever," she began her caption. "I am normally one to isolate when I am struggling, so navigating through this time in my life while cameras were rolling was challenging to say the least."

After acknowledging the difficulties she underwent last season, Kyle share that she was nonetheless "grateful" for "plenty of fun times" with her Bravo family. "Ultimately that has been what has kept me coming back year after year. That and my relationships with the people that make RHOBH. Cast and crew," she continued in her post. "So, now it’s time to sit back and watch ( and for me to relive these moments. Good and bad.)
As always, thank you for watching. And thank you for coming along on this wild ride we call life #RHOBH."

October 25, 2023: Kyle opens up about the separation on WWHL.

In the post-RHOBH premiere episode of Watch What Happens Live hosted by Bravo exec Andy Cohen, Kyle shared some more details about her and Mauricio's separation, including that "it originated from [her]."

She also opened up about how the couple's daughters have dealt with this difficult time. "When the news first came out, it was really, really devastating [for] the whole family. Our phones were blowing up. My kids were just crying and wouldn’t leave the house," Kyle said. "It was really, really difficult, but now they’re much better, and they’re really strong. They’re just so together and so smart and they’ve been my best, best, best friends."

Andy then asked Kyle if she and Mauricio were still living under the same roof, and she confirmed that they were—but in separate rooms.

Kyle also weighed in on *those* photos of Mauricio and Emma. "I don’t know if anything’s happened yet, but obviously there’s something there," she said. "Listen, I love him very much, and we are amicable."

October 26, 2023: Mauricio and Emma shut down dating rumors.

After the pair were photographed holding hands, Mauricia shared an Instagram story video saying that his and Emma's relationship was purely platonic. "For full clarity, we are not dating," Mauricio said. "We’ve been dancing together now for six weeks, four hours a day every single day." Emma added that the DWTS process was "intense" and that, consequently, a "very special bond" forms between the celebrity and their professional dance partner.

mauricio umansky emma slater
Mauricio and Emma attend Park Elm at Century Plaza launch event on October 05, 2023 in Los Angeles.Vivien Killilea - Getty Images

"We’ve got a super supportive relationship. Last week was extremely emotional, so super supportive relationship," Emma continued. "We’re definitely there for each other and it’s beautiful. That’s a great thing."

Mauricio also explained what led to them holding hands a few days prior. "Just to clarify, we went to a restaurant to go get some sushi right after rehearsal. It’s a very intense week, a very emotional week. We were talking about the week during the dinner, and when we came out of dinner, we were recapping, and I reached out to grab Emma’s hand," he said. "She grabbed my hand and then we walked to the cars, just recapping."

October 31, 2023: Kyle and Mauricio "aren’t getting along" after DWTS drama.

Despite previous statements about an "amicable" separation, Kyle and Mauricio "aren’t getting along" in the wake of the hand-holding photo drama, an insider source told Us Weekly, adding that Mauricio's wandering eye was a "catalyst for the separation."

And although Mauricio and Emma have publicly said they are just friends, another source told the publication that they have "a highly flirtatious relationship [and] seem a little too close."

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