Review: These Huckberry Pants Are Office Casual Trousers That You Can Hike In

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It’s been 90 degrees in New York for what feels like nine years, and every day I come closer to pulling a Winnie the Pooh in the office.

I’m not a cartoon bear, and I don’t even feel sanitary on the subway fully clothed, but I’m often thinking about what I can wear to work that’s business casual-passing without melting into the sidewalk on the way there. I like to keep it fun and fresh in my topmost hemisphere – camp-collar shirts, chambray, etc. But I’m running out of pants that aren’t jeans, khakis, or chinos. I’ve been rocking pleated pants on the reg, but I’m not Harry Styles-y enough to make that my default. It would be nice to wake up one day and actually be Harry Styles through pleated manifestation, but I’m not that lucky.

Thankfully, Huckberry’s Flint and Tinder 365 Pants have joined my rotation as a welcome all-rounder. The Pooh stands alone.

Huckberry Pants Review: Work and Hiking Appropriate

Huckberry's 365 Pants

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Price: $98.00

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They’re a fantastic deal for $98, which is what most self-respecting pairs of trousers cost these days (Dickies – and its ilk – aside). I like the value better than, for example, a new regular pair of Levi’s. It’s Huckberry, which is reliably high-quality, a workhorse for log cabin-adjacent activities. They advertise the pants as “cut like a jean,” “feeling like a chino,” and “stretching like performance pants,” and I would say all three of those marketing phrases feel accurate. They’re closer to the cut of slim-fit jeans but don’t have the resistance of denim.

Like most people, I don’t plan most of my wardrobe around work. My office is a little more casual, so it’s more like, there are the clothes I buy for Work Jason, Free Time Jason, and the Jekyll-Hyde overlap Jasons. Over the years, I’ve lamented the money I’ve spent on clothes that only ever see the fluorescent lights and antiseptic walls of an office building, having no other function. These 365 pants will easily join the lineup of office clothes that I wear to work, though, blending seamlessly into happy hour after.

I don’t go on hikes, but as a pleasant surprise, these pants would also work well on them. At least, that’s the impression I’ve gotten hiking around a concrete jungle in the August heat. The pants are breathable and flexible, while also being sturdy. From the one or two washes I’ve given them, they also, importantly, don’t shrink. They’re advertised as “pre-shrunk”, a gift for someone who’s constantly lamenting the pile of pants I can no longer wear.

They’ve helped me survive the heat and avoid wearing shorts to the office (a faux pas I can’t get over), but as fall fast approaches, they’re also going to make a great addition to my casual autumn wardrobe. This is the season where Huckberry shines best, in my humble opinion. In that tricky interval before true fall – 55 in the morning and 80 by the afternoon – these prove a perfect pair of pants to survive both, given that they’re cold weather-appropriate and warm weather-resistant.

I tried these pants in three colors: olive, dark navy, and earth, and they’re each classy, have a matte finish and immediately stand out against similar chinos sold by the usual mall brands. They’d each find a home with a white Oxford shirt tucked in, a hoodie layered on top, or paired with whatever dirty T-shirt Jeremy Allen White is always wearing.

Huckberry 365 Pants - Earth

Huckberry 365 Pants (Earth)

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Price: $98.00

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The pants come in three varieties – slim, straight, and an athletic-tapered fit. I tested out the straight cut, and it added welcome variety to my wardrobe, which has embraced big pants lately (they kick you out of Brooklyn if you’re not in uniform). Even the straight pair hew closer to a traditional slim fit, but they’re happily not a leg-grabbing nightmare.

Huckberry’s 365s are an excellent option for pants-wearers who like stuff that’s a little more form-fitting, want to avoid going full Fall Out Boy, and don’t want to stress about what to put on in the morning. Makes business less risky for Tom Cruise.

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