These Reusable Travel Capsules Are The First Thing I Pack — No Matter What

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As both a Virgo and anxiety-ridden cutie, routines have, and probably always will be, a really (really, really, really) important for my mental health. But as fun as traveling is, there’s one downside — and that’s maintaining a sense of consistency. With varying time zones, unpredictable delays, and the fact that I’m not, you know, at home, I often crave stability in even the smallest aspects of my life. That’s where Cadence comes in. The sustainable startup specializes in one thing and one thing only: endlessly reusable, modular, magnetic capsules that render anything from 10-step skin-care routines to vitamin regimens travel-friendly. And dear reader, I’m not exaggerating when I say Cadence is my No. 1 MVP travel item. In fact, it’s so important to me that it is literally the first item that goes in my luggage whenever I pack for a trip.


A Capsule A Day, $86

Cadence’s customizable pods can be used in myriad ways, which is exactly why they’re such a game-changer. My go-to set is the A Capsule a Day seven-pack labeled with every day of the week. I use it to transport my vitamin and medication routine, but if you’re quick to compare it to drugstore pill organizers, think again. The modular design allows you to take only as many capsules as you need (for example, Friday through Sunday for a quick weekend jaunt), so you can make the most of your precious bag space.

I also love using my Cadence to hold dainty (i.e. highly losable) jewelry safely and securely — I actually learned about this hack on Instagram, and my life has never been the same. A lot of people also use Cadence to take their skin-care routine on the go since the 0.56 fl. oz. capacity (per pod) is more than enough to last a week, if not longer. Best of all, the capsules can be refilled again and again, making them a sustainable alternative to travel-size bottles. For this purpose, the Weekender set is perfect since it comes pre-labeled with all your personal care essentials. (If you prefer to go rogue, Cadence also allows you to customize your own sets — including each color! — by letting you choose from labels or create your own.) You can also purchase capsules individually should you want to expand an existing system.

At this point, you’ve probably noticed the rather steep price tag: $74 for a set of six (or $86 for my A Capsule a Day pictured up top). Yes, it’s expensive, but hear me out: I’ve had mine for maybe two years now and will probably continue to use them for several more. The construction is solid and completely leak-proof, and I won’t lie: They’re very aesthetic. (I have the Sand colorway, plus an extra capsule in lavender for a pop of color.) Plus, I’ve been trying to phase out single-waste products in my life and thus feel good about supporting a brand that is all about creating a product designed to be used over and over (and over) again. Besides, I’d like to think that true sustainability is the ultimate luxury, right?


To further its sustainable mission, Cadence partners with Envision Plastics to manufacture its capsules using 20% ocean-bound plastic. Plus, boxes are made from 100% recyclable cardboard, and inserts are printed on seed paper, which you can either plant or recycle. (In the event that you decide to completely switch out your Cadence, you can email the brand to receive a free shipping label to send it to its HQ to recycle into new capsules.) All in all, I hope that this is only the beginning of Cadence, and that it continues to bless us with beautifully designed, life-upgrading products for years to come.

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