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This $7 set of iridescent metal straws is for everyone who hates sippy lids but loves the turtles

Not to be a hater, but to be a hater: Drinking out of the new sippy cup lids is not it. Ever since straws became public enemy #1 when it comes to being eco-friendly, you can pretty much expect iced coffee in a sippy cup (which is always plastic, but that’s another issue). It’s a great thing because plastic straws are wildly wasteful. But that doesn’t mean I have to like said sippy lids.

I know I’m not the only person out there. There’s just something completely different about drinking iced coffee out of a straw. The vibes are just too good, and it somehow tastes better. Luckily, the solution is super easy: reusable metal straws. I think we should all start carrying around reusable straws like we do water bottles. They’re also obviously great for drinks at home. Again, the vibes!

Well, Amazon came through with the colorful POLIGO 16-Piece Reusable Stainless Steel Straws. Unlike other packs of straws, this one comes with a carrying case perfect for the aforementioned Starbucks iced coffee vibes.

There's even a wide straw that's perfect for bubble tea and Frappuccinos. 

$8 at Amazon

The 16-piece set comes with, well, 16 pieces in a variety of shapes and two lengths. The shorter straw is ideal for cups or tumblers up to 20 ounces. The taller straws are ideal for cups or tumblers up to 30 ounces. Because I know you don’t want to read a clunky paragraph that details everything in the set, I’m just going to list it all below:

  • 4 straight straws

  • 4 bent straws

  • 2 curved straws

  • 2 extra-wide straight straws

  • 2 cleaning brushes with hanging loops

  • 1 reusable carrying case

According to Amazon shoppers, the straws work well with everything from Stanley Tumblers to (thank god) the Starbucks sippy lids. Shoppers also claim that the straws don’t leave a metal taste in your mouth, which is just excellent news.

Using reusable straws means you have to clean said reusable straws so that you can reuse them and make sure they stay reusable. The key word here, clearly, is reusable. First off, the straws are totally dishwasher-safe. But if you’re one of the super lucky few whose kitchens don’t have room for a dishwasher (hi, me!), all you need to do is scrub the straws with the included nylon bristle straw cleaner.

As far as the actual material goes, the stainless-steel straws are non-toxic, BPA-free and lead-free. Because they’re stainless steel, that also means they’re eco-friendly, long-lasting and rust-proof.

The reusable metal straws also come in a solid silver option with multicolored silicone tips, which are great if you’re not vibing with the iridescent ones.

This set includes all of the same sizes as the colorful one. 

$11 at Amazon

Is it extra to carry around reusable metal straws for my iced coffee, boba, etc., pit stops? Oh, absolutely. Do I care? No. Do I want to be less wasteful? Absolutely.

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