Reusable bag give-away planned to encourage proper recycling

Jun. 1—On Earth Day in April, more than 600 reusable bags designed to hold household recyclables were given away at four of the county's convenience centers.

The reusable, waterproof bags show what's recyclable on one side and what is non-recyclable on the other side. They are the ideal receptacle to hold recyclables under the sink or in the pantry,

The giveaway was organized by the Haywood County Solid Waste Management team and the WNC Environmental Action Community, a local environmental group.

The reusable bags were purchased by the county in an effort to keep plastic bags out of the recycling stream. Many citizens, thinking plastic bags can be recycled too, place recyclables in "blue bags" or other plastic bags and toss them into the recycling bins at the convenience centers.

But plastic bags are a hazard for the recycling machinery and have to be removed by hand. They are returned and buried in Haywood County landfills and the county is charged for this service.

Haywood County employees and 14 members of the Environmental Action Community worked together to hand out the reusable bags at convenience centers in Bethel, Crabtree, Hazelwood and Mauney Cove.

Another reusable bag give-away is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, at selected Haywood County convenience centers.

The reusable bags for recyclables are also available by calling the Haywood County Solid Waste Management office at 828-356-2138 or contacting the Haywood County Recycling Coordinator at

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