'You' Will Return For a Fifth and Final Season

Congratulations You fans, what happens next to Joe Goldberg will be revealed after all. After an explosive fourth season finale, Netflix just announced that You has been renewed for its fifth and final outing—and with Joe back in New York, scot-free after another murder spree, it’s only right that we see him go down for his crimes. He can’t keep getting away with it... can he?!

You premiered in 2018 and has garnered a cult following of fans engrossed by main character Joe’s madness. Joe, played by Penn Badgley, is a serial stalker and self-proclaimed romantic who has spent four seasons killing people “for love.” At one point, he even married a woman named Love, but that bit of irony wasn’t enough to quell his violent tendencies. Season Four saw Joe escape to London in hopes of a calmer life, but he (of course) fell back into old habits. Now, with a new woman on his arm, he’s back in Manhattan and surely ready to cause more trouble.

Season Five of You is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2024. Netflix is keeping plot details under wraps until further notice, but they have dropped an eerie teaser on Instagram. In the video, you can hear Badgley recite his signature line. “Hello you,” he says, over clips of his character hiding in the shadows. Then, at the end of the video, he says, “goodbye.” Fans have flocked to the comments section to express their shock. “How do you want me to survive,” one user lamented, while another wrote, “Once it ends I’m going through the stages of grief.” What can we say, the You fandom runs deep.

The final season of You will have some changes on the production side. Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, who co-created the series, are each stepping down; executive producers Michael Foley and Justin W. Lo will take their place. Gamble released a heartwarming statement to celebrate the change. “Making the show alongside our writers, producers, directors, cast, and crew has been an honor and ridiculously fun,” she said. “And I feel lucky to have worked with an artist as gifted as thoughtful as Penn Badgley. I’m proud of what we’ve all accomplished and feel privileged to pass the torch. I’m excited to watch and support the You team as they bring Joe Goldberg’s journey to its delightfully twisted conclusion.

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