Retta Shocks With Comment About What Led to 'Good Girls' Abrupt Cancellation

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In a new interview, Retta hinted at what (or who) is to blame for Good Girls' cancellation.

The comedian and actor, who played the character Ruby Hill in four seasons of the show alongside co-stars Mae Whitman and Christina Hendricks, was unafraid to tell the truth while chatting on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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After host Kelly Ripa asked Retta to confirm if Good Girls was really canceled or not, the 52-year-old said, "We were very close to a fifth season, but one person ruined it for all of cast and crew and so it's not back."

Ripa and co-host Ryan Seacrest were visibly shocked, with Ripa questioning why production didn't just get rid of the one person and continue.

According to Retta, it was likely because of poor timing, with the actor saying, "It was a little too close to when [the creative team] would have to start and figure out story,"

During the interview, Retta did not hide her dismay at the person supposedly responsible for the cancellation and the production team's inability to make it work without them.

She told the hosts, "Trust me, Kelly! I'm salty! I was like, 'OK, maybe there was a bomb scare at some point and then a bomb actually went off and that's why that person's gone.'"

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Ripa, who starred in All My Children from 1990 to 2002 (along with a brief appearance in 2010), had plenty of suggestions for what Good Girls could've done story-wise to get rid of the character.

She said, "I come from the soap opera world. I could give you 35 different ways. You name it, I'll write it!"

Unfortunately, the Good Girls production team was not that savvy, and there were probably other factors that went into the cancellation.

Shortly after the show's cancellation was announced in 2021, rumors spread about behind-the-scenes tension between Hendricks and co-star Manny Montana being part of the cause, along with failed negotiations with Montana regarding money and scheduling, according to E! News.

Retta, Hendricks, and Whitman were all willing to take pay cuts to film a shortened fifth season, but unfortunately, it didn't happen, and both Retta and fans of the series are still upset that the crime-centered comedy-drama series ended.

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