Resume Professional Writers Clocks an Impressive 96% Annual Satisfaction Rating

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TORRANCE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2021 / Resume Professional Writers (RPW) has maintained an annual satisfaction rating of 96% based on the current client feedback. The company credits its roaring success to the resume writing, job posting, and supplementary services it offers to an established and growing clientele.

Two White Printer Papers Near Macbook on Brown Surface
Two White Printer Papers Near Macbook on Brown Surface

The US labor market is undergoing somewhat of a transformation. According to a report by Forbes, the number of applicants per opening has reduced drastically, leading to a scenario where there are more job openings than onboardings.

Although the increasing resignation rates have led to more job availability, employers are still picky when it comes to getting the right people in the right seats. The changing labor landscape has not affected the recruitment process in the least. On the contrary, it has made them increasingly wary of ‘pandemic employees': candidates who apply for a job to work from home rather than in an organization-based office.

All of the above has made it increasingly difficult for prospective applicants to get hired and made them turn to professional resume writers to score at least a first round of interviews. That is precisely what RPW believes it can help.

RPW has been creating resumes and curricula vitae since the turn of the century. The company consists of industry experts, 87% of whom have been with the organization since its inception. Their employees are trained and updated on all of the current best practices in recruitment.

As the company's president puts it, "We might have started as a straightforward resume-writing service, but that's not all we do today. Thanks to our team of experts, RPW can now provide supplementary services to complement your job application. You can even have a look at your resume template before taking on our services."

RPW's complimentary services include free resume reviews and job search tools that have helped several candidates secure jobs in Fortune 1000 companies like Apple and Tesla. The company's starter service, resume writing, is keyword-optimized and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In his closing statements, RPW's president stated, "The full credit of our annual satisfaction rating goes to our team of experts and customer service reps who have been all-hands-on-deck, since Day 1. It's because of them that we have been able to help our clients secure their jobs and gain referrals."

In summation, the company's client retention rate can be traced back to its team of industry experts, customer service reps, and excellent marketing strategies.

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Founded in 2000, Resume Professional Writers has been producing professional resumes and curricula vitae tailored to the industries, job descriptions, and needs of its clients. During this time, we've earned over 65,000 referrals and returning clients. We owe our customer retention to guaranteed interviews, free resume reviews, and supplementary services.

The Fortune 1000 companies that have hired our clients include Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Verizon, Dell, Bank of America, Boeing, Citigroup, Lockheed Martin, and UnitedHealth Group. For more information:

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