RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK: Grab & Go in Escanaba

ESCANABA, Mich. (WJMN) – It’s no secret that dining out has become considerably more expensive, with food prices going up each year. But we found a small deli-style restaurant in Escanaba that is a great bargain.

Grab and Go… a simple name, a simple concept, great food and it’s very affordable.  Owner Rick Michau started his downtown Escanaba deli in 2021 with a couple of founding principles. Provide high-quality food with an emphasis on low-carb items and make it affordable. The large menu belies its small size, with only a few tables, most of its customers opt for takeout, hence the name, Grab and Go. What I noticed immediately was the prices, most sandwiches are only 4 dollars, with most other options well under 10. Rick believes his price structure is good for business.

“I believe that you know, if you can make a bit of a profit on each product, and as long as that product is continuously moving, you can make it work. And, you know, the way the economy is right now has been for the last few years. People can’t afford to take their families out for a meal, but they can hear. I mean, you can have a family of four or five come in and leave here with less than $40 You know, that’s hard to find. I mean, even going to a chain restaurant, you know, fast food. It’s much more expensive than that.” Said Micheau.

His restaurant was founded on a couple of popular dishes from a deli he owned just north of Gladstone in Flat Rock. His Pasties and his lasagna anchor a menu that includes breakfast lunch and dinner options. And although the deli is low-carb-centric, the menu offers something for everyone, including homemade desserts. Every item on the menu is thoroughly thought out using only the freshest of ingredients. I asked Rick what some of the other favorites on the menu are.

“We were well known for our carrot cake, and banana cake with the homemade cream cheese frosting. We do extra-large cinnamon rolls every day. Rick said. “And fudge brownies and jumbo cookies that purchase huge.”

So, how is Business?

“The business is growing exponentially every week. We have we’ve been having record days you know each day is an I suspect today is going to be another record day for it’s going to be the best Tuesday we’ve ever had.” Said Micheau.

If you are looking for food fast, not fast food, with quality ingredients all for a great price, check out Grab and Go. Located at 922 Ludington Street in Escanaba. Open Monday Through Friday 11 am – 7 pm, closed on weekends.

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