Restaurant closes after employees put laxatives on pizza


A health inspector shuttered a pizza restaurant in Springtown, Texas over the weekend after learning that employees put laxatives on at least one pizza, police said.

The Springtown Police Department responded to a report on Friday that an employee at Mr. Jim's Pizza had shared on social media that they were putting MiraLAX, a brand of laxative, on pizzas. Fox 4 reported that investigators found that three employees put the MiraLAX, a "gentle relief from constipation," on at least one pizza was eaten by another employee, unknowingly, who became sick.

When police questioned the employees, they said that they had never put the laxatives on pizza made for customers.

As a result of the investigation, the City of Springtown Health Inspector was contacted and the restaurant had its health permit pulled, the police report said.

According to HuffPost, the owner of the restaurant terminated the employees involved in the incident.

The health inspector gave Mr. Jim's Pizza the OK to reopen on Monday. As a sign of good faith, Chief Motley stopped by the restaurant for lunch on Tuesday. "We are not going to let the foolishness of a couple individuals hurt one of our local businesses," he said on Facebook.

A representative for Mr. Jim’s Pizza did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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