Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta Is Totally Overrun with Raccoons and Diners Are Here for It

There's a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta called Los Mapaches which means The Raccoons in English. In a video posted on January 14  you can see exactly why this taqueria is named this.

It looks absolutely bonkers, but absolutely fantastic for you trash panda fans out there.

The video shared by the TikTok account for @apieceofhue has viewers wanting to book the next flight to Puerto Vallarta. @Connor says, "I absolutely have to go there. This is my dream." @Meg adds, "Puerto Vallarta has now sky rocketed on my list of places to visit in Mexico." @Mary adds, "I would never leave this place." 

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Listen, I love raccoons. I want one badly. When someone finds a random baby raccoon and keeps it I am always forever jealous. But reading some of these comments is making me think dining with these guys may not be the best idea.

Why Dining With Raccoons May Not be a Good Idea

One alarming comment comes from Taryn who posted, "My friend got bit by one of them there."

Raccoons do bite, and they can carry diseases like rabies. You can't expect the restaurant to vaccinate a hundred stray raccoons from rabies so if you get bitten or scratched you probably need to get checked out.

The raccoons probably get stressed by diners trying to pet them and take their photos too. Reading the reviews on Restaurant Guru it sounds like these little raccoons can be super aggressive and they not only steal food, but they have stolen wallets and keys as well!

In addition to all of that, the raccoons have the run of the place and climb the rafters above the food prep areas. I am assuming these animals aren't litter boxed trained so what happens if they need to use the facilities? As adorable as I find raccoons I really don't want their waste in my food.

For those of you who aren't dissuaded by the idea of getting a raccoon scratch or their paws in your food, you can head to a place a little closer to home in the USA called The Alpine Inn in Nebraska. At this restaurant they throw scraps onto the patio where the little bandits snack on them. It doesn't sound as up close and personal as the Puerto Vallarta restaurant, but it does sound a whole lot more sanitary.

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