Restaurant owner slams influencer for asking for special rates amid a pandemic

An Irish restaurant turned to Twitter for advice after an influencer asked for special rates and special treatment. According to the series of tweets, the unnamed influencer requested to book a table and then asked the restaurant if they offer special discounts for influencers. “Is this a thing?” the restaurant — Dublin’s La Peniche — asked on Twitter. The restaurant also noted that during these difficult times, it’s really not plausible to be giving away tables for virtually nothing. “We are a small business and in these times we all need to support each other,” they wrote. Many Twitter users were equally taken aback by the request. “Do these ‘influencers’ know that there’s a pandemic going on at the moment??” one person asked. “People have lost their lives, jobs, loved ones and they want a few quid off??? WTH….”. other users defended the influencer, noting that exposure on such a large account could actually drive business. the eatery explained that though they’d normally be amenable to the idea of an influencer rate, it’s just not feasible during the pandemic