This restaurant made a 'chicken zip line' for socially distanced orders

A restaurant in New Orleans is going

viral for the innovative way it’s managed

to serve its customers fried chicken .

while maintaining strict

social distance guidelines.

The eatery, called McHardy’s

Chicken & Fixin’, has been serving

customers with an inventive, DIY zip line.

The restaurant debuted its “distanced fried

chicken delivery” in April, when Louisiana was

still under a statewide stay-at-home order.

Local news outlets immediately began covering the inventive

pulley system, which allowed employees to hoist food from

the counter to customers standing a safe distance away.

“Zip line fried chicken?”

Ian McNulty, a food culture reporter

for wrote on Instagram.

“Clothesline fried chicken? Whatever it is, the

contraption @mchardyschicken rigged up early

in the coronavirus crisis always makes me smile".

"Behind it though there’s a serious

message for small businesses like

this trying to get through these times".

Rahman Mogilles, who runs the eatery

with his family, told that “you’ve

got to be creative” during times like these".

“Don’t come in between a

man and his fried chicken,” an

Instagram user joked on McNulty’s video

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