Restaurant customer stuns employees by leaving $1,000 after $43 breakfast

A struggling beachside restaurant got some much-needed help thanks to an anonymous customer and their 2,400 percent tip.The Starving Artist, an eatery in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, usually sees big crowds as locals and tourists rush to its doors during the summer season.But as owner Arnold Teixeira told CNN, the restaurant isn’t even making half of what it would usually make this time of year.That changed when one customer’s tip restored Teixeira’s “hope in humanity.” It came during a breakfast order totaling just $43.The tip, however, was a remarkable $1,000.“When the waiter serving them saw the tip, she just started crying,” Teixeira told CNN. “And then I see it, and I couldn’t help but cry”.Apparently, the mystery tipper also left behind a letter explaining his heartwarming act.“Thank you so much for working through this tough time,” the note, obtained by CNN read. “It wouldn’t be a good summer without the Starving Artist”.The money certainly didn’t fix all of Teixeira’s problems, but it helped. The owner split the tip between his seven employees, although he didn’t keep any for himself

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