The Rest of 'Yellowstone' Season 5 Is "Gonna Be Bloody"

The Rest of 'Yellowstone' Season 5 Is "Gonna Be Bloody"

Boosting its reputation as the number-one show on cable television, Yellowstone's Season Five premiere broke records for the series—wrangling over 12.1 million viewers. It was the biggest opening night ever for the Kevin Costner-led drama, thanks to a simulcast of the premiere on the Paramount Network, CMT, and TV Land. Premiering its first two episodes back-to-back, Yellowstone Season Five is just beginning its massive order of 14 episodes. The series follows John, Beth, Rip, Jamie, and Kayce as they navigate a contentious gubernatorial election, a growing threat from outsiders, and one hell of a blackmail situation between two Dutton siblings.

The new season of Yellowstone continues Paramount's expansion of the Taylor Sheridan universe following the Yellowstone prequel, 1883. The franchise recently announced 1923, a sequel to the 1883 prequel. (Yes, it's... confusing). The new spinoff, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, is set to premiere on December 18, meaning that there's plenty to binge after you finish the core series. In the meantime, Yellowstone Season Five is still coming in guns blazing, as the Duttons navigate how to leverage their new political power to try and save their family ranch. Watch the foreboding trailer below, then read on for everything we know about Season Five of Yellowstone.

What Will Happen In Yellowstone Season Five?

In an unearthed happy hour interview with HALL Wines from last March, Cole Hauser (who fans will recognize as Rip Wheeler) jumps into the questions with more than a couple teasers for Season Five, including what fans of Yellowstone can expect plot-wise. "Season Five is going to be wonderful," he said. "The way we ended Season Four—I can't give too much away, but the way Season Four ends, I think the audience... will be happily surprised." Now that we know the details, that shotgun wedding sure seems like the nice treat he was teasing.

In a teaser for the season, the cast also discussed the impacts of the Dutton family moving up in the world of politics, as well as how the series doesn't plan to "take our foot off the gas." John Dutton wins the election to become Governor of Montana, fires nearly everyone, then makes Beth his new chief of staff. Phew! At this rate, Season Nine of Yellowstone will see the Duttons in the White House. There's nothing this family won't do to save their ranch, and according to Kelly Reilly (who plays Beth Dutton), "It's gonna be bloody."

Who is Back for Yellowstone Season Five?

In asking about Season Five, Hauser opened up, saying, "For us as actors, and I think I can speak for everybody... we come together. This is now going into our fifth year." Specifically, he name drops Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, and Gil Birmingham. Thanks to Deadline, we now know who joined Yellowstone's core ensemble. John Lucas is returing as Young John Dutton, alongside Kylie Rogers, who will is reprising turn as Young Beth Dutton. For good measure, Kyle Red Silverstein is returning to the action as Young Rip Wheeler.

For anyone who was worried about the fates of Teeter (Jen Landon) and Emily (Kathryn Kelly), they can rest easy knowing that both actresses have been bumped up to series regulars for the new episodes. Mo Brings Plenty and Wendy Moniz also received the series regular boost for their parts as Mo and Governor Lynelle Perry, respectively.

Apparently, we'll even see some new faces around the ranch, too. Actors Kai Caster, Lilli Kay, and Dawn Olivieri are all joining Yellowstone in new roles. Deadline describes Olivieri's character as "a confident, corporate shark and a new arrival to Montana." She entered the two-hour premiere as Sarah Atwood, a Markey Equities counselor and a perfect sparring partner for Beth. "Sarah will be an adversary for Beth in a way she's never experienced," Kelly Reilly revealed in a teaser for the season. "It's gonna be like two goliaths." Country artist Lainey Wilson is also joining the series in a new role, which she confirmed at Montana's Under the Big Sky Festival. "I did want to share some news with y’all," Wilson told the crowd. "I am going to be in the next season of Yellowstone, and I’m excited. I’m going to be a musician on the show named Abby and I get to share my music with a lot of the world who watches the show."

While there weren't any major cliffhangers at the end of Season Four, there are some major dynamic shifts within the Dutton family—namely that Jamie has become a murderer and Beth has the information that could ruin him. But as we know with the Duttons, nothing stays comfortable forever. Just ask Piper Perabo.

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