How to Respond to "I Miss You" in Any Situation

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While "I miss you too" works in lots of situations, it's actually not always easy to know what to say when someone says they miss you. Maybe you do miss them back. Maybe you actually need a little space and don't really want to say it back right now. There's a lot of nuance to consider here.

What you say and how you say it can totally change the vibe of the conversation and even your relationship. Fortunately, we've got you covered with ideas for how to respond to "I miss you" in any context.

How to Respond to "I Miss You" When You Miss Them Too

If you're also missing the other person, you mostly know how to respond to "I miss you." You can just say it back. There are lots of ways to say it, though. From super sweet and romantic responses to answers that are great for friends, one of these will work perfectly.

  • Well, I'm glad because I miss you too.

  • I've been thinking about you all day. How are you?

  • Good, because the feeling is mutual. I need to hear all about how your day has been going.

  • Ditto!

  • I was literally just thinking about you.

  • Same! I can't wait to see you later!

  • Well, that's a bit of a coincidence because I totally miss you too.

  • I was just wishing I could talk to you. Thanks for making my wish come true!

  • Me too! How is your day going?

  • Just over here missing you back.

  • Right back at you.

Texting? Luckily, knowing how to respond to an "I miss you" text is basically the same as responding with any other form of communication. Just keep it short, and add an emoji if you feel like it.

How to Respond to "I Miss You" Without Saying It Back

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What if you don't miss them or you aren't really ready to send the "I miss you too" message? There are a lot of ways you can answer that let you control the vibe of the conversation.

  • Sorry I've been quiet. I've been super busy. How's it going?

  • That's sweet. How are things with you?

  • Thanks. I hope you're doing well.

  • It's been insane lately. Hope you're well.

  • Time has kind of gotten away from me. How are things?

  • You're very kind. Tell me how you've been.

  • Let's hang out soon.

  • Thanks for thinking about me.

  • I'd love to catch up soon.

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Responses to Use When Your Ex Says, "I Miss You"

So you and your ex may have called it quits, but now they're texting or calling out of the blue and saying they miss you. This is an emotionally charged situation for both of you. Knowing how to respond to an "I miss you" from an ex really comes down to understanding your own feelings and what you want out of the relationship now.

What to Say When You Want to Give Them Another Chance

If you want to leave the door open for rekindling your romantic relationship, leave room for that in your response to an "I miss you" text from an ex or even a comment they toss off in passing.

  • Might be missing you a little bit over here, too.

  • Guess what? I miss you too.

  • Yeah, I miss you too. I'd be up for talking if you feel like it.

  • This has been really hard, and I miss you too.

  • I've been thinking about you a lot, actually.

How to Answer if You Really Don't Miss Them

Sometimes, there's a good reason you broke up. If you really want to shut things down, try one of these responses.

  • Sorry. I'm really done.

  • I'm glad because I'm worth missing.

  • We've been through a lot lately, and I need some time.

  • I understand. Have a good day.

  • I'm blocking you.

If you need to go no-contact with your ex, it's perfectly fine not to respond at all when they say they miss you over text. You have no obligation to answer.

What to Say if You Just Want to Be Friends

If you and your ex are friends, how you respond to "I miss you" can be a little more complicated. Take a moment to acknowledge their feelings and your relationship as friends.

  • I know it's hard right now, but I really believe this will get easier.

  • Change is really difficult. I'm here if you want to talk as friends.

  • Do you want to get some coffee later as friends?

  • I've been super busy, but I'd love to hear how things are.

  • I'm sorry. I really value you as a friend, and I'm here if you want to talk.

You Have Options in Your Response to "I Miss You."

No matter what you say when someone says they miss you, it's important to be true to your own feelings. If you don't miss them back or don't want to continue a relationship, you don't have to say, "I miss you too." You've got options.