Residents in Brooklyn Neighborhood Outraged Over Proposed Skatepark Plans

The Brooklyn Parks and Rec. department has proposed a new skatepark to be built in Mount Prospect Park, leaving the local neighbors outraged with the idea.

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The park, called the ‘Skate Garden’ was granted funding for construction by Tony Hawks's organization, The Skatepark Project, and on Jan 24th, Mayor Eric Adams announced the proposed plans to the community.

The residents opposed to the idea have taken some pretty serious measures to prevent the building of a skatepark- that in all reality will take up a tiny sliver of the park. The enraged citizens claim that the skateable addition will take away from the green space and ruin the park for those who enjoy it for an escape away from the city.

Skateparks provide crucial spaces for kids, teens, and adults to have fun in a controlled safe environment. Many people find their only sense of community at skateparks, and in a world post covid that is so remote, it provides ample interaction and time around others, not to mention the amazing benefits that skateboarding and other skatepark vessels provide for human health and mental well-being.

To give public input on this project and stay updated on its progress visit 'The Skatepark Project's' input page by clicking this link here.

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