The Resemblance Between Jack Schlossberg and JFK Jr. Is Uncanny

Adrianna Freedman
·3 mins read

From Men's Health

This week, the Democratic National Convention is taking social media by storm. And amid powerful speeches by the likes of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, someone else became another unexpected star of Tuesday night's festivities, in particular: Jack Schlossberg, the only grandson of former President John F. Kennedy.

Schlossberg appeared with his mother Caroline Kennedy via video chat to implore viewers to vote for Joe Biden come November. "For my generation, it will define the rest of our lives," he said. "We need to tackle climate change. We need to end systemic racial injustice. We need to make health care available for everybody. And we need to rebuild an economy that helps working families. We can do this. We can reach new frontiers only with a president who asks what he can do with our country."

And on Twitter, users quickly compared Schlossberg to his late uncle, John F. Kennedy Jr. While their near-identical physical appearances have been reported on for many years, it’s surprising to see their career paths are similar as well.

Like his late uncle, Schlossberg chose to not go into politics. A 2015 Yale graduate, he enrolled in both Harvard Law and Business schools and wrote for publications like Time and HuffPost. (He also dipped his feet in Hollywood and appeared on the season 8 finale of Blue Bloods back in 2018.)

So there’s definitely a common thread or two between the duo, which social media is now well aware of. Here are some of Twitter’s greatest reactions.

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