Rescuers' Attempt to Save 2 Elephants Trapped in Mud Is So Inspiring

The world truly needs more people like this.

TikTok user @sheldricktrust, one of Africa's oldest wildlife charities and leading conservation organization, has shared an incredibly inspiring rescue. You'll likely need a few tissues for this one.  

Two elephants were trapped side by side in a drying dam. As the drought intensifies in Kenya, water can sometimes become a "muddy prison" for elephants who come to drink. These elephants can lose their footing causing them to get stuck in the mud. But thankfully, these two elephants had rescuers working endlessly to set them free. Your heart will melt completely. 

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Wow, this is one of the most inspiring and beautiful things we've ever seen. No wonder the video has over 12.5 million views. It highlights the amazing work humans do to help animals. 

"Thank you for saving those beautiful elephants. You all are amazing!" wrote @rioblue2015. A thank you will never be enough, but we're truly so appreciative of these kind humans saving these gentle giants. @angiespook_buddy added, "There are some wonderful people in the world." There are indeed some extraordinary people, way more than we realize!

Another TikToker, @onwingsandaprayer, said, "These are humans with purpose!!!! They live to serve. This is incredible work!!!! You have my undying gratitude." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. We also love that so many people came to watch, cheering on the rescue workers. It's so inspiring to see this many people wanted the elephants to be rescued. 


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