Rescued Baby Sea Lion Refuses to Return to the Water and Everyone's Choked Up

A rescued baby sea lion was about to have a second chance at freedom—until he was delivered to the ocean and he refused to go in. When officers went to release him, he turned right back around and re-entered his crate.

The surprising moment was all caught on camera, and people are shocked by the little sea lion’s reaction. He really didn’t want to leave the officers’ sides!

The sea lion remains in professional care after he refused to leave and go back to the ocean. He was originally found stranded on a busy road outside San Diego when rescuers found him and brought him in.

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While the fate of this little sea lion is unknown, he will probably be transferred to a sanctuary type setting if he really doesn’t want to be released back into the wild. There, he will likely get to live among other sea lions his age.

Maybe one day, this little sea lion will want to return to the wild. Hopefully, as he gets older he will become more interested in it. We think that he may have wanted to go back to the ocean if he was released during the daytime. Swimming alone in the ocean at night does not sound very enticing!

This sea lion must have really liked the company of the officers. He didn’t want to leave them, so they didn’t force him to go back.

We’re so glad that the officers didn’t leave him there. He would have been really scared and lonely if they had done that. Luckily, these officers had compassion and they took the animal back once he climbed back into his crate.

Maybe the sea lion really liked where he was previously and just wanted to return. In captivity, this little sea lion will never know what it’s like to go without food or a friend. It’s possible that he just wanted to live that lifestyle more than in the wild.

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